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103001 Clear Soft Domed Decals

Rippedheets.com offers a limited supply of soft doming materials that allow flexible domes to be made for curved surfaces indoors. 103001 Clear Soft Domed Decals look professional using a desktop color inkjet printer. Rippedsheets.com provides you with a 50 ml two-part cartridge system that can make up to two and one half 8.5" × 11" sheets of diecut soft domes. A separate 103001-20 Cartridge Gun must be purchased once. 103001 Clear Soft Domed Decals works ONLY with 103000 White Polyester Self Adhesive for color inkjet printers and 102600 Outdoor Waterproof White Vinyl Super Permanent Self Adhesive for color laser printers. NO OTHER MATERIAL WILL WORK because of adverse chemical reactions.

100420 Inkjet Polyurethane Doming Primer

This spray is applied over inkjet-printed Rippedsheets.com materials to help prevent reactions between top coating and Polyurethane doming mixtures. Spray on once and let dry for an hour, then spray on a second coat and let cure for at least 24 hours before doming.

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