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100400 Clear Protective Spray

Rippedsheets.com offers a Clear UV-Resistant Acrylic Coating that provides a permanent, protective coating which protects art, crafts, and valuables against harmful UV light rays. It is also water resistant and smudge-proof. Apply the protective spray from a 45 degree angle over the label sheet afterprinting, let dry, turn sheet 90 degrees and re-apply protective spray. The protectivespray is very high gloss and gives the printed inkjet label sheet protection from occasional light water mist and a little scuff resistance.

Cost: $34.03 per 11 oz spray can.

Safety: Rippedsheets.com recommends using 100400 in an open area where thespray drifts way from the user. If this product is used indoors or outdoors, it must be well ventilated to prevent dangerous build-up of vapors. The user should wear a Half Facepiece Respirator with replaceable cartridges and filters. The Half Facepiece Respirator with replaceable cartridges and filters can be purchased at a hardware or paint store for $40.00 or more. Ask your hardware or paint expert which chemical cartridges and filters you should use. You must be able to exchange air through your Half Facepiece Respirator to breathe. If you can smell 100400 through your respirator, the respirator is not working properly.