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Clear Domed Decals

#100300 - 3D Professional Labels!

Get that three-dimensional professional look with clear domed decals you make yourself. Rippedsheets.com provides you with a two-part crystal clear hardening system that you apply to your labels to create professional 3-D domed decals. Works ONLY on non-absorbent vinyl label materials for inkjet or laser printers (Doming material discolors paper labels and poly labels are not thick enough to have adequate surface tension to get a "dome").

100300 Clear Domed Decals Cost is $125.00 for two-part system (over one pound mixed: enough to cover several hundred square inches) plus mixing cups and sticks.

100303 Extra Doming Supplies

Large jobs require two bags of extra cups, 3 syringes (good for about three applications each) and two extra bags of mixing sticks. Cost is $15.00.

  • 100304 Plus Charge Diecutting for Dome

In order to assure that after printing, the matrix around the labels removes easily, there will be a 5% Plus Charge.

Q: How to make domes on your printed labels?

Click here for Warranty restrictions on use of Doming Kits, Materials, and use of Non-Rippedsheets.com materials or doming kits.