103450 Clear Polyester Static Cling Sheets

clear polyester static cling Use 103450 for decals on glass or other clean smooth surfaces. Unlike 103400, this is a true static cling product for color inkjet printers. 103450 sticks to the surface using static electricity. 100400 Clear Protective Spray makes the labels smudge, moisture and scuff resistant. This material has a 11.5 mil thick face stock with a 1 mil white liner. This clear plastic film is ideal for many craft or commercial POP projects. Display your art projects, pictures and messages on windows and mirrors throughout your house. For best results squeegee material on to remove bubbles.

For higher static cling holding power and longer static cling service life, please see Improving Static Cling Adhesion.

Short run* 103450 Clear Polyester Static Cling Sheets. Pricing is for 8.5" X 11" sheets, no diecuts.

10 25 50 100 250 500*
8.5" x 11" $6.09/sh $3.98/sh $3.29/sh $2.93/sh $2.76/sh $2.67/sh
8.5" x 14" $7.76/sh $4.94/sh $4.02/sh $3.54/sh $3.37/sh $3.26/sh
8.5" x 17" $9.42/sh $6.15/sh $5.08/sh $4.53/sh $4.23/sh $4.02/sh
*500 sheet short run pricing:
First 250 sheets shipped in 24 hours, shipment of balance subject to availability of stock. Split shipments are FOB

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