100621 65# 8 pt Clean Cut Printable Cardstock

Clean Cut Cardstock

Printable one-side only, this is a bright white paper card stock material with a 65# (8 pt.) cover weight plus a removable liner. In a very unique process, can die cut custom size and shape cards or tags into the sheets, up to 250 sheets in just 48 hours. The cardstock is not micro-perforated but actually die cut like labels on a sheet with no rough edges from perforations! The tags are in sheets ready for you to print on your inkjet or laser printer. The liner holds the die-cut tags into the sheet. Print quality is excellent on Heavy or Cardstock printer settings. 100621 is excellent for arts and crafts projects, printable invitations, announcements, custom business cards, hang tags, door hangers, business mailers and other card and tag projects. Custom templates.

Short run* (No diecutting to edge of sheet, please see our working area) 100621 65# 8 pt Clean Cut Printable Card Stock. Price includes die cutting sheets with any shape or size tag in 48 hours. No die charge. Click here for cost of more than 30 tags/cutouts.
10 25 50 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000
8.5"x11" $5.72/sh $2.97/sh $2.32/sh $1.97/sh $1.31/sh $0.92/sh $0.88/sh $0.80/sh $0.72/sh

1000+ sheet short run pricing:

First 250 sheets shipped in 24 hours, shipment of balance subject to availability of stock. Split shipments are FOB

Long run Clean Cut Printable Card Stock. Cutting die required (see die pricing for custom shapes). No die required for blanks.

500 1000 2000 5000 10000 15000
8.5" x 11" $0.79/sh $0.72/sh $0.64/sh $0.58/sh $0.54/sh $0.47/sh

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