100742-6 (Small Square)
Personalized and Laser Printable Wine Labels (3.23x3.23, 6-up)

We can also die cut wine labels out of inkjet sheets for you to print

Our 100742-6 wine label template gives you six, small, square wine labels per sheet. This is an ideal size for small back labels and for small wine bottles. With a variety of materials to choose from, you can select: waterproof, bright white, or matte wine labels. We can provide blank label sheets or we can print label designs for you. Our personalized wine labels are great for special events, and if you have a winery, we can print your wine labels for you. Our minimum order is 10 sheets or 60 labels. See the list below for our recommended materials. For more options, visit our home page or contact us.

Wine Laser Label Suggestions:
101675 Wine Estate Label
101700 Bright White Matte Paper Permament Self Adhesive
101200 High Gloss Label Material
104700 Bright White Matte Paper Removable
Eggshell (Low Satin Gloss) Permanent Self Adhesive
101330 Waterproof Matte Silver Super Permanent Labels
101400 Brushed Silver Polyester Permanent Self Adhesive
101407 Waterproof Brushed Silver Polyester Permanent Self Adhesive
101333 Waterproof Matte Gold Permanent Labels
101450 Brushed Gold Polyester Permanent Self Adhesive
101500 Brigh Gold Foil Permanent Self Adhesive
102400 Matte Clear (Frosty) Polyester Self Adhesive
102500 Optically Clear Polyester with Permanent Self Adhesive
102560 Clear Waterproof Permanent Self Adhesive
102570 Clear on Clear No Label Look Removable Self Adhesive
102590 Clear on Clear No Label Look Permanent Self Adhesive

We also have templates for wine glass id tags, coasters, and
bottle hangtags!

Click on 100742-1 (6-up) and 100742-2 (12-up) for our Wine Glass Id Tag Templates

Click on 100743-2 for our coaster template and 100743-3 for custom shaped coasters

Click on 100719 for our Custom Printable Bottle Hangers

100742-6 Template

Other Wine Label Templates:

100742-3 (4x4, 4-up)

100742-4 (1.5x5.0, 10-up)
100742-7 (1.94x3.25, 12-up)

100742-5 (2.75x4.25, 6-up)
100742-8 (2.25x3.25, 9-up)

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