100707 Gloss 10 pt. White C1S Cover-Tag-Box Board 94 Brightness

for folders, cards, boxes, tents, posters, tags, hangers and more

Gloss White 10pt White Cover Tag Box Board offers this is a gloss tag- box board-cover that has a caliper of 10 points. It is bright white 10 pt gloss board with a 94 brightness with excellent printing quality from compatible color laser printers. This material is very hard to find, and stocks this material up to 12.5" x 19".

With no die charge on short runs, converts this material with perforations, holes, slits and folding scores in its automated facility. provides it low or high quantities. can price by the sheet of tags for customer printing on color laser printers or by the piece or sheet, if the customer chooses to convert and full color print for them. Email us for options.

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