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Rippedsheets.com/studio Dog Die Shapes

When you want any size or shape die cuts, clearly Rippedsheets.com/studio Short Run Shop is where to go for No Die Costs. No Small Die, Large Die, Die Sets to pay for. Rippedsheets.com/studio can do your dog die shapes in 24 hours with NO DIE CHARGE.

Dog Die Cut

This is just one diecut example. Rippedsheets can create any shape you want.

What Dog Die Shape Do You Want?

Measure your application and then inform Rippedsheets.com/studio what size and shape you want, down to 2 decimal points for Word and other Label and Simple design programs and 3 decimal points for high end graphics and engineering programs. For special shapes please email us only your wire frame outline of your shape.Please see our file formats.

Any shape you send Rippedsheets.com/studio can have custom cutouts. In paper card stock or plastic film tag materials, if you need a hole for string, wire, ribbon or fastener, then it can be made as small as 1/4" in diameter in the Short Run Shop. Below 1/4", the circle can be replaced by a cut through "X". In label materials, the hole can be made smaller than 1/4".

Choose from some of our most popular materials below or visit our homepage to choose from over 550 materials.



Please Contact Rippedsheets.com for More Information on Creative Shapes.