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How To Make Labels in MS Word

Template Building

Making your own custom label template in MS Word is easy. supplies a Set-up sheet with each label order that provides all the dimensions you'll need to create your own label template.

set-up sheet

Here is how to make a 2.0" x 2.0" label template with no gaps between the labels in MS Word: To begin: You will need the Set-up sheet that was included in your label order.

  • Open MS Word
  • On top Menu Bar, go to Tools, then drop down and select Envelopes and Labels
  • In Envelopes and Labels, select Labels, then Options...
  • Under Label Options, select New Label...
  • Under New Custom Label enter your Label Name (where cursor is blinking), Tab down to fill in the boxes beginning with the right column:
    • Label Height: 2.0" - corresponds to the Size Die-cut AR - on the set-up sheet Line 5
    • Label Width: 2.0" - corresponds to the Size Die-cut AC -on the set-up sheet Line 4
    • Number Across: 4 corresponds to the Label Count (ac) on the set-up sheet Line 6
    • Number Down: 5 corresponds to the Label Count (ar) on the set-up
      sheet Line 6
  • At this point the Preview Diagram in MS Word will start looking like your label sheet. Now continue filling in dimensions in the left column.
    • Top Margin .5" - Line 13 on the set-up sheet. (Note: MS Word rounds to 2 decimal points, not 3 decimal points)
    • Side/Left Margin .25" - Line 12 on the set-up sheet
    • Vertical Pitch 2.0" - corresponds to Line 11 Gaps AR on the set-up sheet.
      (Vertical Pitch is the height of the label plus the around gap)
      Example: (Gaps .125ar + 2.0ar = Vertical pitch of 2.125)
    • Horizontal Pitch 2.0" - corresponds to Line 10 Gaps AC on the set-up sheet. (Horizontal Pitch is the width of the label + the across gap)
      Example: (Gaps .125ac + 2.0ac = Horizontal/Vertical pitch of 2.125)
  • Now the diagram on your screen should look exactly like your label sheets.
    • Click OK to close New Custom Label Box, which brings you back to Label Options Box
    • Now Click OK to Close Label Options Box
    • You are now back to the Envelopes and Labels box. Click the circle: Full Page of the same Label, then New Document
    • Now you have a MS Word Document with a Label Layout in Light Gray. Save this MS Word Label Template

Before You Print
Before you print your label sheets, print your label text and graphics on plain copier bond paper. Next, place the printed paper behind a label sheet and hold it up to a light to check your alignment. If your alignment is off, check the following.

Every label sheet has an "X:" marking the top left margin. Is the "X" at the top left on all your sheets?

If the text and graphics don't appear exactly where you want them on the labels you might need to adjust the top and left/side margins. For example, to move your graphics up the page, make your top margin a little smaller. Or to move your graphics down the page, make it a little bigger. Try adding or deleting space in .05" increments.

If your alignment is still off, go back and check the dimensions on your Set-up sheet against the numbers you've entered into your MS Word custom label template. When you are satisfied with your alignment, then begin printing on your label sheets.

What Your Template Will Look Like

To see how your template will appear in MS Word after following the above instructions, Click Here.


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