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We offer inkjet or laser printable message labels for foil air balloons in dozens of materials

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Can't find the right message for your balloon sculpture, balloon table centerpiece or balloon delivery bouquet?

We can create virtually any shape inkjet printer or laser printer custom label from nearly 100 label materials within 24 hours for balloon designers, including labels for 18" helium foil balloons. All you have to do is print the sheets on your desktop printer and peel the custom labels to apply the graphic design to your balloons!

For a 5" star shaped foil air balloon, We can up to 8 labels per letter sized label sheet ready to print in an inkjet printer by the balloon designers themselves. We can create label sheets for virtually any balloon shape. Popular label materials include gloss photo white, glossy clear, metallics, and colors.

We're a North American leader in graphic and waterproof inkjet and laser printer materials technology for pressure sensitive, fabric, tag and paper applications requiring graphic and/or waterproof characteristics.

Rippedsheets.com has the capability to produce Short Run pressure sensitive inkjet and laser labels in any size and shape in 24 hours.

SOURCE: Rippedsheets.com