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Matte Black Out Scanner Security Paper Sheets

#100730 - Matte Paper Sheets

blockout paper

We offer red colored 24 lb. text laser-printable security paper that provides minimal document protection against the threat of forgery and counterfeiting. This only works with black and white copiers, and works better on small desktop copiers than the larger floor models. Once the red original sheet is copied on a black and white laser copier, copied sheets come out black. Color copiers will copy the page in the red and black, and higher quality B/W copiers will still allow some legibility, so users must determine if the difference between the copies and the original is sufficiently obvious. Not recommended for total security, but is a lower cost alternative.

We carry 100730 Black Out Laser Scanner Paper in red becausethe darker the color the better the security system works. We recommend users test security functions for their needs. Material samples are available upon request.

Uses for 100730 are wide and varied for thoseinstitutions who want to secure laser printing of original manuscripts, reports, contracts, games, contests, direct mail, forms, legal documents, coupons, receipts, tickets, awards, gift certificates and passes.

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