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Satin Aluminum Permanent Adhesive CO2 Labels

#102300-1 - Satin Aluminum Permanent CO2 Labels

Satin Aluminum Permanent Adhesive CO2 Labels
CO2 Laser
Thermal Reactive

CO2 laser marking materials are designed to withstand vigorous post-mark processing. The satin aluminum finish changes to a permanent black color with CO2 laser marking. The adhesive is a 3M467MP permanent self adhesive.

Long Run

Cutting die required. Pick one of our 3,000+ dies free of charge or create a new die. No die required for blanks.
Sheet Ct.Price Per Sheet
10″ × 12″
5 sheets / pack$122.03
25 sheets / pack$610.14

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CharacteristicsTest ConditionsEffect
Interior ExposureIndoor environment, consistent temperatures 40F to 90FNo effect
Abrasion ResistanceTaber Abraser with CS17 wheel, 1000 gm. Load, 7000 cycles.Slight dulling of surface
Temperature ResistanceBlack and Silver image, standard, 500 FSlight yellowing of background material
Salt Spray5% at 95 F for 700 hrs.No corrosion
Exterior ExposureWeatherometer testing and actual outdoor exposureNot recommended without overspray or overlaminate
Chemical ResistanceTest ConditionEffect
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)24 hr. immersionNo effect
Ethyl Acetate24 hr. immersionNo effect
Ammonium Hydroxide10% solution, 16 hr. immersionSlight dulling
MIBK24 hr. immersionNo effect
Brake Fluid24 hr. immersionNo effect
Sulfuric Acid10% solution, 16 hr immersion testNo effect
Phosphoric Acid1% solution, 7 hr. immersion testNo effect
Nitric Acid3% solution, 72 hr. immersion testNo effect
JP-4 Fuel72 hr. immersion testNo effect
Skydrol (Hydraulic Fluid)24 hr. immersions room>temperature/boiling pointNo effect

Recommended settings:

  • Power - Select a percentage of the CO2 lasers rated power that results in a power level of 5 - 15 watts. For example, on a 50 watt CO2 laser, select a power setting of 10-30%.
  • Speed - Select a percentage of speed in the 30-60% range.


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