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Holographic Destructible Polyester Permanent Adhesive Label

#103777 - Polyester Permanent Label

Holographic Destructible Label
Super Permanent Acrylic

This Holographic Destructible Labels fracture and disintegrate if removal is attempted. They cannot be removed in one piece and transferred. Commonly used for waterproof warranty labels, security seals, and serial number labels. As shown in the image to the left the label gets destroyed into many small pieces. Application temperature is 50°F and the service temperature after 24 hours is -40°F to 300°F. The adhesive is a very strong super permanent adhesive that sticks to a variety of painted, plastic, and metal surfaces.

Rippedsheets.com die-cuts any shape of size labels in 8.0″ × 11″ sheets for no additional charge. There are no additional charges for diecutting.

For a small additional charge we can tint or print these labels in full color to with any design with waterproof, scratch proof, and weak solvent (alcohol) resistant toners. 103777 Holographic Labels sheets are 8.0″ × 11″ and print for the same cost as 8.5″ × 11″ sheets . See our specifications and pricing on custom full-color printing.

103777 are not available for customer laser printing without consulting our technical staff for printer compatibility. They are printable with some laser printers, but they are delicate.

Apply the label and it looks like this:

Try to remove it and it breaks up:


This product is currently available by special order. Pricing and shipping quotes available on request. Alternative materials may be available in stock. Please contact us for more information.