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Custom Personalized Waterproof Photo Frames

Personalized Waterproof Photo Frames

Your 14 mil and 30 mil Personalized Waterproof Photo Frames are not only able to be printed in full color including photos, but they will also be a waterproof mat between you, the kids or your pet and floors and tables. These photo frames are made with a 10 mil white waterproof core with clear thermal laminations both sides to make a durable, waterproof photo frame.

These photo frames have a clear polyester protective film that is stain-resistant and scuff resistant on both sides. The Personalized Waterproof Photo Frames are washable with any household cleaner.

We can make Personalized Waterproof Photo Frames in any size or shape, including an 3″ × 5″ up to 11″ × 17″ square corner, 10.5″ × 16.5″ round corner, up to 12″ × 18″ round corner. We have high speed digital cutters for special shapes for personalization of shape as well as photo printing.

14 mil and 30 mil Waterproof Photo Frame Materials
108414 14 mil Personalized Waterproof photo frame Material.

Frames, Accents and Embellishments

Please go to the Paper Artists Studio to find and add these options.

Assembly Required

We provide the custom sized printable elements you specify, and you assemble faster and more efficiently.


This product can be shipped in as little as 24 hours. Please Contact Us for more information.

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