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Matte 1112°F Permanent Adhesive Silicone Labels

#109400 - Thermal Transfer TT

Thermal Transfer
High Heat Resistance

This Thermal-Transfer material is designed for high temperature chemical processing and metal manufacturing. Not recommended for long-term durability or bacode/graphic print. Not UL Listed.



High PCS (print contrast signal) value

Low PCs value after processing in high heat and corrosive chemical environment results in increased reading error. 109400 1112°F TT Silicone Permanent maintains a 92% PCs value in such conditions. The 109400 1112°F TT Silicone Permanent label stays pure white.

1,112°F ultra high heat resistance

109400 1112°F TT Silicone Permanent labels are developed to survive factory line heat treatment processes up to 1,112°F. No more worries about burned labels. 109400 1112°F TT Silicone Permanent can be used in all stages of factory line manufacturing.

Corrosive chemical treatments - No problem

One of the weak points of barcode labels is degradation during chemical processes. High performance 109400 1112°F TT Silicone Permanent overcomes this fault as well. After treatments with chemicals such as HF, NH4F and NaOH, 109400 1112° F TT Silicone Permanent will not peel off or change and its chemical resistant properties are not affected by exposure to high temperatures.

Pliant flexibility on curved surfaces

Because of its special resin material, 109400 1112°F TT Silicone Permanent is soft and flexible and adheres well to curved surfaces without creasing or wrinkling. 109400 1112°F TT Silicone Permanent also adheres well to metal surfaces making barcode labels a possible choice for a wider range of applications.

Chemical Resistance: HF, NH4F, NaOH immersion test: No change.

This label does not insulate but rather transfers heat away from the label.

Recommended Print Ribbon Roll

109450 - Thermal-Transfer Ribbon

1112°F Thermal-Transfer Silicone Permanent

RollsPrice Per Roll
2.756″ × 984.3 ft/roll


This product has been discontinued. Please Contact Us for more information.

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