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107000 SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks
SunSafe Inks were discontinued 9/11/2007.

Make your own Designs on Window Blinds using your Inkjet Printer

Rippedsheets.com is proud to offer the most comprehensive selection of waterproof desktop inkjet printing media on the market today. Now Rippedsheets.com has enhanced and expanded its waterproof media selection with the addition of 107000 SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks that are UV fade resistant.

When used with Rippedsheets.com SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks, Rippedsheets.com inkjet materials will retain color and will not fade, as standard OEM Inkjet Inks will. SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks will make Rippedsheets.com inkjet media easier to read over a longer period of time.

Rippedsheets.com waterproof inkjet media and SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks together provide a waterproof and fade resistant printing solution for virtually any Rippedsheets.com label and tag compatible desktop inkjet printer. SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks are offered as a refill system for your empty ink cartridges in your desktop inkjet printer. SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks have much stronger colors than the standard desktop inkjet inks. For example, the SunSafe™ yellow inkjet ink is more yellow and darker than the standard desktop yellow inkjet ink. It may be necessary to color adjust or change existing artwork when using SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks.

SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks do not make Rippedsheets.com media more resistant to scuffing, scratching or other damage to the face materials. Also, SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks may not significantly improve the life of horizontal surface applications, but will improve the life of vertical surface applications of the media on approved substrates within acceptable environmental service ranges.

The 107000 SunSafe™ Inkjet Ink Refill Kit includes one 32 ml bottle each of Cyan (Blue), Yellow, Magenta (Red) and two 32 ml bottles of Black ink. This provides enough ink to allow 10 or more refills with the Canon BCII cartridge, about 2-3 refills with the Canon BC20 cartridge. Most Hewlett-Packard® black cartridges average approximately 2-3 refills and color cartridges 4-6.

The SunSafe™ Inkjet Ink Refill Kit also includes instructions, cartridge filling tools specific to your desktop inkjet cartridge part numbers, and a 60 ml bottle of cartridge preparation cleaning solution.

SunSafe™ Inks are sold exclusively for use with Rippedsheets.com waterproof inkjet labels, tags and specialty materials. SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks are not sold separately. Please have your desktop inkjet model number and cartridge part numbers ready when ordering.

107000 SunSafe™ Inkjet Ink Kit $40.00.

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