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Inkjet Waterproof Tag Stocks
 104010 15 pt Inkjet Waterproof Tag

Inkjet Water Resistant Tag Stocks
 100630 7.6 mil Water Resistant
Inkjet Tag Stocks
 100611 8.5 pt Bright Clean Cut Vellum
 100610 8.5 pt Eggshell-White
 100615 6.5 pt Printable Ecru
 100620 8 pt Matte Cover
 100621 8 pt Clean Cut Card Stock
 100624 9.5 mil Index Card Stock
 100625 Color Cardstocks (38 Colors)
 102630 25 pt C2S Tag
 102715 14 mil Photo Gloss
 102715 Tear Resistant

 103620 8.5 pt Bright Gold Foil
Laser Water Resistant Tag Stocks
 100630 7.6 mil Photo Gloss
Laser Water Proof Tags
 100704 7.5 pt Plastic Card Tag
 102715 Tear Resistant
 100732 WP 10 mil NO TEAR P-3
 100732-20 WP 7.5 mil NO TEAR P-3
 100756 Extreme Outdoor Tag
 100770 WP White 10 mil Film
 100825 WP 5 mil Clear Tag
Laser Cardstocks
 100610 8.5 pt Eggshell-White
 100615 6.5 pt Printable Ecru
 100620 8 pt Matte Cover
 100621 8 pt Clean Cut Card Stock
 100624 9.5 mil Index Card Stock
 100625 Color Cardstocks (38 Colors)
 100640 8 pt Gloss Cover
 100641 8 pt Clean Cut Gloss Cover
 102630 25 pt C2S Tag
 102715 14 mil Photo Gloss
 102715 Tear Resistant
 104502 Printable Kraft Tag
Laser Fabric Tags
 100715 84 lb. Sewable Tyvek®
- Tear Resistant

 110720 Washable Cellulose
 110721 Dry Clean Reemay
- Tear Resistant

Inkjet Magnetic Paper
Custom Shaped Magnetic Paper
Now More Flexible and Higher Sticking Power

Weddings, parties, special occasions, receptions, birthdays - all occasions that require more than one customized work of Paper Art

Custom Paper Art rules the stationery world today. Each card a unique Work of Art; complete with special cutouts, windows, folds, fancy embellishments, ribbons, great colors, unique images.

When your job is to create multiple pieces of paper art, you can save precious time spent on tedious handwork and still get that one-of-a-kind handmade look with materials. Here's how!

Visit our website to get the Creative Juices flowing. Pick the materials that are perfect for your projects.

Create your special designs at your own computer. Grab images from the web or dream up your own. The possibilities are endless.

Email your fabulous file to; we only need your outline because we die cut your shapes in our materials and you do the printing.

Then we send the diecut sheets back to you for printing. Your dazzling designs + custom diecut paper = fabulous and unique products for your customers. Each card or invitation can be customized with a guest's name, table number, photo. This is where you do your magic!

Pop the cards, tags, embellishments out of the flat sheet, fold, tie, decorate, glue and dress up your paper art up for the party!

Viola! You've created Fabulous Paper Art and Saved Time & Money.

How wonderful is that!

You and The possibilities are endless!

DupontTM and Tyvek® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E I du Pont de Nemours & Co or its affililiates. All rights reserved. is not affilitated in any way with these companies.

Printable Bottle Hangers 100719
Blank Card & Tag Designs
Blank Die Cut Wedding Invitations, Kits, Announcements & More
Printable, Custom Diecut Party & Event Announcements and Cards - Invitations
Design Your Own Hand Made Printable, Custom Diecut Cards & Tags for Announcements and Invitations. Make 10 or More Yourself On Your Inkjet or Laser Printer for Any Occasion
Inkjet & Laser - Blank Handmade Invitations, Announcements, Business, Gifts, Kits, Entertainment

Have Diecut 10 or More of Your Paper Cards or Tag Designs. Everything Comes Pre-cut and/or Scored. Always Flat for Printing. Printable on Your Inkjet or Laser Printer.

Now you can design professional-looking printable, custom shaped cards or tags with embellishments in 200 non-adhesive and self-adhesive materials to print on your laser or inkjet printer. diecuts, perforates and scores our materials and delivers them to you in printable 8.5" X 11" sheets with an optional, free Word Template. Great for invitations, announcements or kits. Create invitations for any occasion!

Your designs will be custom Short-Run manufactured by in as little as 24 hours without a die charge.

Short Run Card & Tag Materials. 200 Blank Invitations. 2 Days. No Problem. offers special Short Run card and tag materials which are printable in inkjet and laser printers. Our diecutters can do basic shapes, custom shapes, shapes with cut-outs, scores, perforations, eyelets and much more ( Announcements, Blank Cards, Blank Tags, Charms, Bookmarks, Mini-Booklets, Mini-Folders, Kits, Dimensional Boxes and Shapes, Stamps as well as Enclosures.)

Short Run Printable Embellishments for Invitations, Announcements, Business, Gifting and Entertaining

Any material that says "Short Run" can be die cut to make a variety of printable, custom embellishments within 24 hours.

For Faux Metal Dots, Buttons, Grommets, Brads and Charms, please see Metallics.
For Faux Silks, please see Photo Silks.
For Velvet Flock Perm Velvet Flock. for All Occasions

Now is focused on providing our full range of Short Run services for:
  • Blank Announcements
  • Forms
  • Blank Invitations
  • Messages
  • Wedding Kits
  • Invitation Kits can help with Events, Gifts Cards and Announcements for:
  • Auctions
  • Babies
  • Birthdays
  • Business
  • Fund raisers
  • Graduations
  • Moving
  • Parties
  • Socials
  • Weddings

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