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SunSafe Inkjet Inks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the colors the same as the original?

A. The SunSafe Inkjet Inks are stronger to resist fading. If there are variations in color from existing graphics, they must be adjusted through software or changed. New graphic designs can use the SunSafe™ Inkjet Ink colors for maximum color protection.

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Q. Does SunSafe™ have inks for the new 6 color systems?

A. The 6 color systems are photo cartridges designed to obtain better skin tones in photo reproductions. SunSafe™ makes the Light Cyan and Light Magenta colors which are used to achieve these results. As of this writing HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark (the big 4) all have printers that use these colors. Please call Rippedsheets.com for more information.

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Q. Does using SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks void my warranty?

A. First determine whether your Inkjet Printer is still on warranty. If so, please refer to your printer manufacturer’s warranty card.

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Q. Is the SunSafe™ Inkjet Refill System messy?

A. No. The SunSafe™ Refill System uses a blunt needle injector, which allows you to precisely control the filling process. Other refill kits use a squeeze bottle with needle and does not allow for precise control Filling and Needle cleaning can all be done in a washroom sink.

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Q. How long shall I wait before I refill my cartridge?

A. It is not recommended that you refill a cartridge that has been emptied for longer than 2 weeks. The sponge will dry out and will not absorb ink properly and the cartridge may leak.

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Q. How many refills will I get from a SunSafe™ Inkjet refill kit?

A. That depends on the capacity of your cartridge. For example: You will get approximately 10 or more refills with the Canon BCII cartridge and about 2-3 refills with the Canon BC20 cartridge. Most Hewlett-Packard® black cartridges average approximately 2-3 refills and color cartridges 4-6.

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Q. How many times can a cartridge be refilled?

A. The answer varies depending on the manufacturer and the model. All inkjet cartridges have a limited life span, and typically a cartridge will last between 3 - 10 refills due to the electronics that control printer jets. Small resistors on the cartridge overheat when the ink runs out, therefore limiting the life of the cartridge. You can extend the life of your cartridge by not letting the ink run out completely before refilling.

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Q. What can I do if the cartridge print nozzles are clogged?

A. Uneven printing, skipping, or no print may suggest clogged print nozzles. If a cartridge has been left, unused or stored for a long period of time, its print nozzles may become blocked with old dried ink. One method is to allow the print heads to soak in our Cartridge & Print Head Cleaner for an hour, this should help unclog the print nozzles and restore print quality.

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Q. Will SunSafe™ Inkjet Ink clog my printer head?

A. No. The SunSafe™ Inkjet Ink is refined to 1/6 of a micron (.00000656") in purity. By comparison, Hewlett-Packard® inks are refined to only 1 micron (.00003937").

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Q. Will SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks work in my printer?

A. Yes, all inkjet cartridges have a filling hole. When the cartridge is first made the manufacturer filled the cartridge with ink and then sealed the filling hole. All you are doing when refilling the cartridge is accessing the original filling hole and refilling it with ink. The SunSafe™ Inkjet Inks Refill System uses specially formulated ink, which works in any inkjet cartridge.

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