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Hardware Warranty

Thank you for your interest in Rippedsheets.com's materials for laser and inkjet printers.

Halldata, LLC has sold Rippedsheets.com to customers across America. Our customers are using Rippedsheets.com daily. Thousands of color laser and inkjet printers have run Rippedsheets.com materials. The product is reliable and safe and allows our customers to create the highest quality graphic images.

If this is not enough to convince you Rippedsheets.com's materials can be efficiently utilized for your printing needs, we provide the following warranty for Rippedsheets.com materials.

Halldata, LLC guarantees that Rippedsheets.com materials will not damage your color laser and inkjet printers. This is how the warranty works.

If you establish your laser or inkjet printer was damaged by Rippedsheets.com materials, we will pay the costs of parts and service for the repair. You can purchase Rippedsheets.com materials with confidence they will allow you to complete the job safely and effectively.

We will not reimburse you for costs and repairs to your printers if other non-Rippedsheets.com materials, machine misadjust or other causes not related to the use of Rippedsheets.com materials, cause the damages. We offer no warranty if you do not follow Rippedsheets.com product specifications or for consequential damages such as lost production time, lost profits, lost business opportunities, legal fees and costs or any other cost or damage other than the cost of services and parts to repair the laser or inkjet printer. We will reimburse you for these repair costs only after receipt of a written report describing the problem and the procedures and analysis used to determine that Rippedsheets.com materials caused the problem.

In short, Rippedsheets.com materials are safe and reliable. If you establish Rippedsheets.com materials caused a problem with your laser or inkjet printer, we will pay to have the machine repaired.

Warranties and Return Policy of Rippedsheets.com Inkjet and Laser Media

For any Rippedsheets.com product not meeting inkjet or laser compatibility as described on the Rippedsheets.com Public Website, Rippedsheet.com's sole responsibility, and the Purchasers' and Users' exclusive remedy shall be, at Rippedsheets.com's option, that Rippedsheets.com will refund the purchase price of all Rippedsheets.com materials used to produce the graphic, less shipping costs, or replace all Rippedsheets.com materials consumed in the manufacture of the graphics.

To make a warranty claim, provide the following information in writing to Rippedsheets.com:

  • Product Part Number
  • Brief Description of Printing Conditions Used (printer model, inkjet inks, laser toner, print driver and inkjet printer settings, laser settings)
  • Installation Date
  • Substrate to which graphic was applied
  • Result of testing of Rippedsheets.com samples sent
  • Location of Installed Graphics (Warranty is void if material is applied to the top of an object, directly facing the sun. Labels must be applied to the side of an object. Southern USA & Equatorial areas have more fading than Northern areas). Longevity of printing varies by application of the label or tag, material and geographic location.
  • Description of Problem
  • Product has been purchased within one year of date of problem. Rippedsheets.com warrants material for one year from purchase date.
  • Additional samples or information requested by Rippedsheets.com to help understand the problem

To be eligible for adjustment, Rippedsheets.com must receive notice within 30 days after the reason for the claim was discovered.

Intended Applications: Rippedsheets.com media is intended for specific applications in the combinations described on the Rippedsheets.com website and set up as described in the Rippedsheets.com Job Control Charts and Operating Instructions. For any other use or application, the user is responsible for determining the suitability of the product and is responsible for any and all risk with that use or application.

Product Misuse: Rippedsheets.com shall have no obligation with respect to any product that is used contrary to Rippedsheets.com instructions or limitations stated in Product Information Web Pages or Instruction Sheets, that is modified or damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, or mishandling by Purchaser or any other person.

Failure to follow the instructions in the Job Control Chart or Operating Instructions or other materials sent with the product will void all warranties and limited remedies.

The warranties stated in this document are exclusive and are made in place of any and all express or implied warranties or conditions, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or any industry practice or custom or trade usage.

Rippedsheets.com will not be liable for any other cost, loss or liability in any way related to the performance, use or inability to use any of these products. Inability to use these products includes not being to feed the materials straight into printers, inability to align artwork to the dielines (horizontally, vertically, and rotation), inability to adjust artwork to fit within dielines (horizontally, vertically, and rotation), and inability to make required adjustments to run materials in printer (installing correct print driver, selecting correct printer settings in software or on printer control panel, running materials through correct trays, and other matters concerning software, printer operation and material handling). Rippedsheets.com also shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages of any kind, including loss of profits, revenue, products or business resulting from or in any way related to the Rippedsheets.com products. This limitation applies regardless of the legal theory upon which damages are sought. The remedies offered by Rippedsheets.com are intended to compensate Purchaser for non-conforming products or the amount paid by Purchaser (except as other stated in this document). As a condition of sale, Purchaser agrees that the remedies set out in this document are exclusive and may not fail of their essential purpose.

Returns are not accepted without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in advance of returning materials. The above procedures must be reviewed before an RMA will be issued. To inquire about an RMA, please call 888-791-9590. All valid RMA returns materials are subject to a 20% restocking fee, if returned.

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