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Shipping Warranty


Rippedsheets.com, a division of Halldata, LLC has a daily pick-up account with UPS, which offers ground & air shipments throughout the USA & Worldwide. Rippedsheets.com insures all packages and has agreed to the terms of the UPS Service Guide and UPS Tariff Information, which can be found at www.ups.com. Our Customers are encouraged to become familiar with UPS policies, and how they affect Customers when it comes to delivery times, misshipments, bad weather, and other matters.

As a matter of Policy, Rippedsheets.com informs the customer, at time of order, the projected shipping date & estimated arrival date.

Please see UPS Service Guide and Tariff Information for what services are guaranteed and under what circumstances they are guaranteed. Rippedsheets.com does not remake orders at Rippedsheets.com expense due to wrong addresses supplied by customers, misshipments, delays by UPS, or other unforseen circumstances beyond the immediate control of Rippedsheets.com.

Alternate Shipping Methods

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries may have established restrictions on mailing. Please be sure that your order is eligible for delivery, before selecting your shipping method. Please also be advised that our sales reps are greatly experienced, and our recommended shipping methods are always in the best interest of our customers. We advise our shipping methods based on the current state of the industry. If a customer chooses to use a different method than recommended, RippedSheets.com is not responsible for any extended delays, denied service of mailing or any other mishaps due to the pandemic. For additional information, please refer to the websites of the companies listed below.




Rippedsheets.com only uses FedEx, USPS, and other shippers/shipping companies when the Customer requests the service. Customers may use non-UPS shipping companies at their own risk. Rippedsheets.com discourages USPS Mail shipments and the use of other shipping companies. If the package is shipped via USPS or other non-UPS shipping company and the package is lost, it could be 30 days or more before either the customer receive the package or the package is returned to Rippedsheets.com, possibly damaged.


If the package is misshipped, lost, or delayed by UPS or any other shipping company, the customer is encouraged to follow recourse with the shipping company, as Rippedsheets.com is no longer liable and Rippedsheets.com will not remake an order at no-cost ($0.00) or discount to the customer because of the shipping company's failure to deliver.

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