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UL Matte White Teslin Permanent Adhesive Label

#102601 - UL Matte White Permanent Adhesive Teslin

Teslin Label
Laser & Thermal Transfer
3M 310 Permanent Acrylic

Teslin is a Xerox Docucolor Approved Advanced Specialty Material.
Lamination is unnecessary to be Waterproof

This label material has a Teslin Facestock that is a microporous, highly filled, thick material made of a 7 mil polyethylene matrix. This Teslin label material is printable in laser printers and is an approved advanced specialty material for color laser printers.

The the toner anchorage is superior for abrasion and outdoor/indoor use. The 102601 3M 310 acrylic adhesive is one (1) mil thick and adheres to plastics, glass and metals extremely well. Resists detergents, oils, and many weak organic solvents without peeling. This material can be applied with a minimum application temperature of 50°F and a service range -40°F to 250°F. The 102601 liner is a 4.5 mil lay-flat liner. Total thickness of 102601 with liner is 11 mil; it is RoHS compliant

102601 absorbs toners so well that it is unnecessary to laminate this product. In one test, Rippedsheets.com printed the 102601 in a HP Indigo s2000 and subjected the label to water and a scratch test with excellent waterproof results. It gets similar waterproof results in other digital presses and laser printers, even low cost laser printers.

It is reported that the 102601 can be ultra-sonically treated for clean rooms.

UL File TEOU2.E243761 for certain desktop laser printers.

For UL approved printers, click link below. If your printer does not appear on UL list, consult your UL representative.

Teslin no lam

Another Rippedsheets.com No Lam Necessary Product. No clear self-adhesive lamination needed. No clear UV lam required.

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This label features standard pressure sensitive construction, but with high-performance, water, alcohol, organic solvent and acid resistant Teslin face stock and an aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive with excellent clarity, high initial tack, high shear and ultimate adhesion that make it suitable for application to a wide variety of surfaces. The densified kraft liner has been coated one-side to give a controlled release. indoor for pre-approved components. This material is a Xerox approved advanced specialty material for Xerox Docucolor Laser Printers. Teslin is approved for Nexpress, iGEN and Indigo Digital Presses.


  • Durable, high performance Teslin
  • Caliper: 7.0 mils
Adhesive:Clear Acrylic Permanent
Caliper:0.8 mils
Min Application Temp:50°F
Min Service Temp:-40°F
Max Service Temp:250°F

Note: For best bonding conditions, application surface should be at room temper-ature or higher. Low temperature surfaces, below 50°F can cause the adhesive to become so firm that it will not develop maximum contact with the substrate. Higher initial bonds can be achieved through increased rubdown pressure. In order to get a true measure of the adhesive's effectiveness, the label should be applied and allowed to bond a minimum of 24 hours prior to evaluation.

Material:Densified Kraft Paper
Caliper:3.2 mils
Weight:55 lbs

The above are typical technical values and are given in good faith based upon our most up to date knowledge and experience. As the products are used outside our control we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may be caused using the product. In every case, user shall determine before using any product in full-scale production, or in any way, whether such product is suitable for user's intended use for their particular purpose under their own operating conditions.

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