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RoHS / RoHS2 / ROHS3 Certification

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2015/863

The RoHS Directive, which accompanies the WEEE Directive, is concerned with banning the use of hazardous substances, which are heavy metals cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and the flame retardants PBBs, PBDEs, DEHPs, BBPs, DBPs & DIBPs. None of the materials named in these directives are knowingly used or intentionally added during the manufacturing process. There is provision for percentage trace levels that may be present.

Rippedsheets.com manufactures self-adhesive laminates which are processed into labels for various applications, some of which may be used on electrical equipment.

None of the six aforementioned substances are intentionally used in any of the self-adhesive label stock we manufacture. However, there may be small trace amounts of the heavy metals present. An analysis of heavy metal content has already been carried out with regard to Packaging Directive 94/62/EC. The results obtained showed that typical values for lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium are less than 15mg/kg (15ppm), in total, for our various laminates.

The sheet fed printing inks we use in our facility are both RoHS and REACH compliant.

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