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Premium Matte White Vinyl Permanent Adhesive Labels

#104000 - Premium Matte Vinyl Permanent Labels

Matte White Vinyl Permanent Label
Permanent Acrylic
Water Resistant

Rippedsheets.com exclusive 104000 has special chemistry that turns all inkjet inks into waterproof inks in one pass through the printer. Once you print on the material, the label can be put under water and rubbed gently without smearing. Can be used in short term damp conditions ( not dishwasher safe ). The clear acrylic adhesive is permanent on many surfaces. It has a minimum application temperature of +25°F and a service temperature range of -65°F to +200°F. 104000 can be used with our 100300 doming material (Other doming materials will not work).

Short Run

Price includes die cutting sheets up to 30 cuts (see Plus Charges for additional cuts) with any shape or size.
Sheet Ct.Price Per Sheet
8.5″ × 11″8.5″ × 14″8.5″ × 17″

Roll Pricing

Blank rolls, no cuts. Please Contact Us for Details
Roll Ct.Price Per Roll
8.5″ × 75′

Let us print for you! Full Color Printing available.


104000 Outdoor Matte white Vinyl Permanent is a white, opaque, matte, calendered vinyl with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is excellent for printing flexible, durable labels and is intended for use in Hewlett-Packard, Epson and other inkjet-type printers 

Caliper of vinyl:6.5 mils
Caliper of vinyl + adhesive:6.0 mils
Total caliper12.5 mils
Gloss (60 degree)2.1
Critical Temperatures
Application temperature+25 °F
Min. service temperature-65 °F
Max. service temperature+200 °F
Outdoor life expectancy6 months

To obtain a high degree of water resistance, use only pigmented inks.  Typical dye-based inks yield good color, but with repeated exposure to water and UV rays fading and bleeding will occur. Let image dry 24 hours before exposing to moisture. Dirt and stains cannot be cleaned from the surface without damaging the image.  Excessive folding or creasing can damage the imaged surface. Laminating is recommended to protect the surface from dirt and abrasion.

Note The above are typical technical values and are given in good faith based upon our most up to date knowledge and experience.  As the products are used outside our control we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may be caused using the product. In every case, user shall determine before using any product in full-scale production, or in any way, whether such product is suitable for user's intended use for their particular purpose under their own operating conditions.


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