Choose from piggyback labels, blockout labels, anti-microbals labels, and more.



Wristbands, dishwasher-safe labels, shoe labels, and more.



Iron-on clothing tags, sewable military tags, industrial fabric tags, and more.



Tamper-evident labels, metallic labels, and more.



Waterproof labels, glossy labels, and clear labels for bath and body applications.

Super-adhesive labels, industrial labels, UL approved labels, and more.

More Laser Labels

More Laser Tags

More Inkjet Labels will be there adapting software, science, and technology to enhance ordering and printing laser labels and tags.
Hundreds of Laser Printable Substrates. specializes in creating label and tag materials to meet our customers' unique printing applications in the evolving digital printing world. From the beginning, has known that there are customers who have so much variability in their printing that only a company with significant digital die cutting capabilities and hundreds of printable substrates could meet their needs. That has led to additional services including priming; coating and laser printing labels and tags with a goal to exceed the customers print expectations.
line Technical Substrate Fabrication. The process of fabricating new laser printer materials to meet more technical substrate requirements is accelerating. More university research, medical and defense technology, and manufacturing organizations are demanding digital printing to replace other traditional printing techniques.

Laser Supported Variable Data. specializes in laser printing because the equipment cost is lower and the ink system is generally better than high end proprietary digital print technology for supporting the mass use of printable laser labels and tags in ever smaller and more variable print applications. Across thousands of industries, the world is seeing the growth of internet-based variable data applied to laser labels and tags.

These printing services are offered by internet- and software-driven companies that rely on innovative turnkey printing services companies like to fill orders. These services will be offered by internet-based printers who need new, specialized substrates. Since most of these will be laser applications, is well positioned to expand its services to meet new customer needs for digital printing substrates, primers, printing and protective coatings.

Order, Pre-press and Printing. Small, highly personalized digital printing orders containing variable data are being driven by internet software that not only makes it possible to design labels and tags online, but also completes the print jobs digital prepress and sends it to the printer with no human intervention.


While this technology started in only a few industries, it is quickly expanding to handle all label and tag print specifications that require a high degree of personalization and/or variable data on a variety of printing materials.

Product-line Expanding Primers. We are continually enhancing our print capabilities for you. In addition to offering more printable substrates, and product line-expanding primers, we can now apply special liquid and film coatings to protect your labels and tags from water, abrasion, and damaging microbes. As the digital printing world continues to evolve, will be there adapting software, science, and technology to enhance ordering and printing laser labels and tags.

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