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Personalized Circle Coasters

#100743-2 - 3.25″ Circles - 6 Per Sheet

Personalized Custom Printed Waterproof Coaster

We can also die cut coasters out of inkjet sheets for you to print.

Rippedsheets.com has a custom template to create personalized and printable coasters. Our coasters are 3.25 inches in diameter, which gives you six coasters per sheet. We can die cut a variety of materials to create waterproof or tear proof coasters. We can print your personal coaster design on our printable coaster sheets to create custom beverage coasters.

100743-2 Template

Materials for Personalized and Printable Circle Coasters
(Template 100743-2)

Click here for our circle coaster template 100743-2

We can also die cut and print:


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