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#100250 - Enhancements

This self-laminating feature works with labels, cards, IDs, and tags. Rippedsheets.com can turn any printed product into a self-laminating product.

Ideal uses:

These are ideal for retaining and displaying calibration data, inspection tags, serial numbers, warranty tracking, or any other vital information you don't want altered. Self-laminating also works great in harsh environments where writing on a normal label can be smeared or worn away. Also, self-laminating works for certifications, wallet cards, wire markers, business cards, cable identification, repair tags, and much more.

How does it work?

Simply write down the information on the label or tag, peel the liner from the film, and press down to seal. Your information is now sealed and safe from tampering. It's that simple! These self-laminating labels can be custom designed and printed then sealed with an optically clear polyester film (which is also printable). The film is RoHS compliant and is compliant with the CONEG Model Toxics Packing Legislation.

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