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Waterproof Sheet Labels

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Waterproof Copy Paper - Waterproof labelsRippedsheets.com developed modern pressure sensitive labels for laser printers in the late 1990's. At that time computerized labels were popular, and principally printed with non-laser printers, since many laser printer manufacturers prohibited the use of certain waterproof materials in their printers because of service issues. Rippedsheets.com developed waterproof label materials that the laser printer waterproof dry plastic toners would adhere to.

Starting in Seattle WA, we worked on a number of projects that were proposed by prospective customers. The durable labels required included a whole range of waterproof labels. One of the first durable labels that was requested was a white waterproof label. Stronger adhesives were needed and Rippedsheets.com had to find mills that understood pressure sensitive adhesives that would stick to industrial surfaces in tough applications with facestocks that would bond well to the laser toner. We conducted testing methods that gave confidence that the waterproof labels developed were going to work for the customer.

At this point in time we still develop new materials for wet environments and durable applications for prospective customers. Also, the company has developed lower cost alternatives to waterproof labels because of the inflating cost of commodities used to make these products.

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