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Domed Decals

We offer 3-D Doming Decal systems and materials to create professional, three dimentional clear domed labels. We can custom cut the materials to your size or shape, no dietool charge on short-run. Our material warranty is void if using your doming chemicals. If using Rippedsheets.com materials and doming supplies, then these are the only combinations approved:

Laser - No Combinations Available
Inkjet - The following combinations are approved for doming:

100420 Inkjet Polyurethane Doming Primer
This spray is applied over inkjet-printed Rippedsheets.com materials to help prevent reactions between top coat and Polyurethane doming mixtures. Spray on and let cure for at least 24 hours before doming.

  • 11 oz can: $10, good for about 10 to 15 sheets.

NOTE: Rippedsheets.com does not sell doming kits for non-Rippedsheets.com materials

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