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Teslin® Labels and Tags

Teslin is a Xerox approved advanced specialty material for Xerox Docucolor laser printers, and Teslin is an approved substrate for Nexpress, iGEN and HP Indigo digital presses. Teslin also prints well in HP laser printers on the Tough Paper setting and many, many low-end lasers where other waterproof materials will simply not print!

Teslin Inkjet materials are proven for waterproof use in a variety of applications.

Laser and Digital Press Teslin Labels

Laser and Digital Press Teslin Tags

Inkjet Teslin Tags

Inkjet Teslin Labels

Rippedsheets.com is able to quote custom inkjet printable Teslin labels. Rippedsheeets.com is the only company that can put a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive and liner on inkjet printable Teslin, and custom diecut it in our short run facility.Please call for a quote

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