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Microperfing and Scoring Die Costs

If you want custom microperforations, a die is required. Exact pricing is available with a die quote from Rippedsheets.com. Prices start at $250.00 and go up to $1,200.00 or more.

Rippedsheets.com does not microperforate poly label materials, only paper stock, paper tags, and poly tags.

Clean Edge Tag Die Costs

For some tag materials, click on 100620, Rippedsheets.com can create super-fine perforating 70 TPI dies (Two dies required) that leave a smooth, clean edge. Clean edge dies can be made in any size or shape, and allow printing on both sides of a tag. Clean edge technology requires special tooling purchased by the customer at higher costs than those prices listed below. The perforations are superior to those found on products in most office supply stores. Other Tag materials like 100610 and 100612 can only do up to 50 TPI with two tools.

Note that clean edge is different than clean cut. Clean cut tags are printable one side and are die cut tags with no perforation. Please Contact Us.

For a quick estimate in the field, please use the following die estimates (4-10 AC 0 AR means 4-10 micoperfs/scores across and 0 microperfs/scores down). Final pricing is determined by your Rippedsheets.com salesperson:


Long run die size tolerances are excellent to 2 or 3 decimal points selected by the customer. The die-to-sheet registration varies plus/minus 1/32″. Your printer has additional tolerances that may create a problem for tight registration. We do not recommend or warrant that inkjet or laser labels are compatible with tight registration art projects.

Long Run

Microperfs Die Size
8.5″ × 11″8.5″ × 14″8.5″ × 17″11″ × 17″
4-10 AC
0 AR
4-10 AC
3-10 AR
11-20 AC
0 AR
11-20 AC
11-20 AR

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