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New Mobile Version of Rippedsheets.com June 2015 Newsletter

With everyone so busy, who has the time to sit in front of a computer, open up a browser window, and type in a search query? People are on the go, and are using smartphones and tablets, not desktops.

New Self-Laminating Labels Can Permanently Record Handwritten Entries December 2014 Newsletter

Self-laminating labels and tags from Rippedsheets.com protect graphics and allow for handwritten entries. These can be custom printed and custom diecut to different shapes and sizes.

Now Even More Options to Increase Web Design or Web-to-Print Software Business October 2014 Newsletter

New offerings for web-to-print businesses. Even more custom label and print options for labels, signs, plastic cards, door hangers, and more. Rippedsheets.com is looking for web-to-print partners who are strong in creating websites, products, and SEO but want a print partner to make the product and blind ship it to customers.

New Roll to Roll Labels From Rippedsheets.com October 2014 Newsletter

Columbia Label, a division of Rippedsheets.com, is offering new roll to roll labels. Get high quality labels in large quantities and at a lower cost. Roll to roll labels are printed faster than sheeted labels, which means less cost and less waste while keeping a high quality print.

More Options for Promotional Label Applications October 2014 Newsletter

Rippedsheets.com now offers even more options for the promotion/favor/gift industry. There are over 550 material options to choose from, including wristbands, metallic labels, parking permits, and now banners. Most of the materials can be custom diecut to any shape or size and custom printed in house.

Sustainability, Eco-Media, and More! October 2014 Newsletter

Rippedsheets.com - Investing in printing media that is RoHS, WEEE, CONEG and/or REACH compliant, Offering 100% recycled paper, Acquiring digital equipment to minimize waste in the printing process, and doing all of our printing on-site, which enables us to maintain consistency and quality and closely monitor our impact.

Coded Plant and Flower Tags & Labels! August 2014 Newsletter

Plant labels and tags are perfect for nurseries and garden centers. Rippedsheets.com offers a wide variety of material options that are made to order.

Sustainable Label Printing through Columbia Label - August 2014 Line Card

Columbia Label, a division of Rippedsheets.com, asks ″Is LABEL PRINTING part of your sustainability policy?″ Click To Read More...

Sustainability, Eco-Media, and More! July 2014 Newsletter

Rippedsheets.com is a leading producer of on-demand private label personalized labels, tags, cards and wide format products for online retailers. Founded in Seattle in 1997, we have expanded production facilities in Eastern Washington.

Custom Automotive and Aerospace Labels! May 2014 Newsletter

Rippedsheets is the premier provider of custom automotive and aerospace labels. These include engine compartment labels, metallic labels, nameplate labels, and more. There are many different options to choose from and all can be custom diecut to any shape or size.

Be A Print Partner With Rippedsheets.com! April 2014 Newsletter

Want to obtain more customers without the high cost of manufacturing? Partner with Rippedsheets.com and we will print for you and blind ship directly to your customer. Choose from hundreds of top-quality options for labels, tags, laminated cards, and much more.

Custom Agriculture Labels! March 2014 Newsletter

Just in time for spring! Rippedsheets is the premier provider of custom agriculture Labels. These include plant tags, outdoor signage, planter labels, and more. There are several different options to choose from and all can be custom diecut to any shape or size.

Custom ID Labels! February 2014 Newsletter

Rippedsheets is the premier provider of custom ID Labels on the Internet for Identification labels. These ID labels can be custom diecut to any shape or size as well as custom printed. Kid's labels, asset labels, faceplate labels, and graphic overlays are just some of the options that are offered.

New options for laminated cards and tags! July 2013 Newsletter

Rippedsheets.com offers numerous new options for laminated cards and tags including glow-in-the-dark, dry erase, and grommets. Get them with any shape or print design on 30 or 40 mil cards or tags.

Order single labels or tags! June 2013 Newsletter

Rippedsheets.com can make single labels in any size or shape. New materials and options are constantly being added. Now available are 10 mil, 15 mil, and 30 mil cards and tags. Grommets and eyelets can be added to the cards or tags.

Supersize your label or tag order! May 2013 Newsletter

Get waterproof printing in full color and white. A wide variety of barcode designs are offered. Get QR codes with your UL address. Order military grade glow-in-the-dark labels that are also printable. Protect your printing with our new liquid laminate.

Choose from over 550 materials. Any size or shape! January 2013 Newsletter

Rippedsheets.com has a large selection of different materials to choose from: polyester, retroreflective, foils, plastics, metallic, and more. Get low cost wristbands for adults or kids and get them custom printed. Rippedsheets has UL approved labels.

Get UL approved labels from Rippedsheets.com! December 2012 Newsletter

Get UL approved labels diecut to any shape or size. Print your variable data or barcodes on these UL labels. These labels are approved for application on up to 24 substrates. Choose from a number of different label materials with a fast turnaround and No die charge on Short Run Jobs.

Rippedsheets.com offers custom labels with a quick turnaround. September 2012 Newsletter.

We offer 48 hour turnaround on most print jobs and 24 hour turnaround on most blank sheet order. We carry over 500 materials and 70,000 die sizes and those numbers continue to grow.

Rippedsheets.com wants to give you more choices with our new priming and coating solutions. August 2012 Newsletter.

With our new master coating machine we have the ability to offer more and more choices. Our new top coatings can protect your print jobs with durable hard coats.

Rippedsheets.com is developing a new anti-bacterial laser label. July 2012 Newsletter

Within less than 90 days you will be able to customize your labels with our anti-bacterial application. Our anti-microbial/anti-bacterial labels will protect your project from being attacked by bacteria and microbes.

Rippedsheets.com wants to give you more wristbands at a lower cost. June 2012 Newsletter.

30% more product at less cost. Our high quality, tear and water resistant wristbands come 13 to a sheet, not 10. If you want to print them in your laser printer we can full-color imprint them for free.

Rippedsheets.com is giving you more choices with it's new custom priming and coating solutions. April 2012 Newsletter.

We offer more than 200 waterproof materials for you to choose from. If your project calls for waterproof labels or tags then we can help.

Rippedsheets.com offers high quality labels. Any shape or size and over 500 materials. February 2012 Newsletter.

Now with 6 state-of-the-art digital printers and 44 die cutters, we have an even greater ability to get you exactly what you need and on a budget. No tooling charge on short runs, personalized service, variable data, one or two sided full color printing, and with a very fast turnaround.

Rippedsheets.com offers custom 30 mil hang tags, any shape or size. January 2012 Newsletter.

You imagine it. We make it. Try our custom 30 mil hang tags. They can be used for parking permits, security tags, luggage tags, and much more. Your Design. Your way.

Rippedsheets.com Anticipates Upsurge of U.S. Web-to-Print Design Online Website Growth During 2012.

With the continued explosive growth of U.S. web-to-print design online website printing demands Rippedsheets.com announced today that it has plans for more double digit growth during the coming year.

Wristbandfactory.com Creates Wristband in Honor of Michael Jackson

Wristbandfactory.com created the “R.I.P King of Pop″ wristband in honor of Michael Jackson. This wristband is the first of Wristbandfactory.com Celebrity Wristbands.

Rippedsheets.com and Wristbandfactory.com offers full color printed wristbands

December 19, 2008 Rippedsheets.com's Wristbandfactory.com division makes and prints its own wristbands from scratch and now offers over 170 designs that can be personalized for under $10 for up to 34 wristbands. Promoters and event planners can purchase up to 17,000 wristbands online at the Wristbandfactory.com.

HP Indigo Sheet fed presses get new media:

August 24, 2007 Rippedsheets.com today announced a line of pre die cut labels 12″ × 18″ and 13″ × 19″ in the HP Indigo digital printing solutions portfolio.

Pulp mills to close eliminating infrastructure to build and make Green Paper Products

April 2, 2007 A Washington State paper converter says there should be a law that pulp mills cannot be closed and machinery sold in Washington, Oregon and California.

Rippedsheets approves Indigo label & tag printing

July 18, 2007 Rippedsheets has added Indigo approved advanced digital labels and tag sheet media. Click To Read More...

Film Label Stock is designed for Inkjet Printers

March 29, 2007 Rippedsheets.com New Formats for Waterproof Inkjet Label Sheets and Rolls.

100% Recycled Labels

February 22, 2007 Rippedsheets.com is First North American Printing Paper Manufacturer to Offer 100% Recycled Labels from Paper Mills with FSC Certifications.

Custom Inkjet and Laser Labels in 13″ × 19″ Format

May 19, 2006 Rippedsheets.com now has customized inkjet and laser labels in 13″ × 19″ format!

Printable materials maker Rippedsheets expands Tag business

Feb. 13, 2006 Seattle based desktop printable materials maker Rippedsheets announced that it has acquired more assets for its printable tag business.

Printable Microfiber-ish Velvet Flock Stickers

Jan. 2, 2006 It's longer and thicker than silk, suede and ultra suede, but unlike its predecessors, it's Inkjet Printable, can be shaped, and it permanently sticks!

Washable laser cellulose fabric by Rippedsheets

Dec. 20, 2005 Desktop printable materials maker Rippedsheets' offers synthetic nonwoven laser printable fabrics for Bedding and Furniture Law Labels.

Laser printable fabric for dry cleaning by Rippedsheets

Dec. 13, 2005 This is a laser printable nonwoven Reemay with a polymer coating that resists tearing from sewing and use.

Rippedsheets.com Uses Ultra-Removable Transfer Adhesive to Make Custom Laser or Inkjet Printable Hangtags, Price Tags and Gift Tags in 24 hours With No Die Charge

Dec. 9, 2005 Rippedsheets.com now uses a water-based, ultra-removable transfer adhesive, designed for the removable notes industry markets, to provide a removable bond to a variety of paper card stocks and waterproof synthetic materials used by Rippedsheets.com to make Short Run Tags for Laser and Inkjet Printers.

New Twist on Labels; Waterproof Clear Inkjet Labels

Dec. 7, 2005 New short run materials make it possible for Rippedsheets.com to produce laser printable door hangers and tags in any size or shape in 24 hours for instant advertising.

Waterproof Clear Inkjet Labels

Nov. 23, 2005 New material now makes it possible to print clear inkjet labels!

Harsh Environment Media for Laser Printers: New Long Life Matte Silver Pressure Sensitive Labels and Security Films Available From Rippedsheets.com

June. 16, 2003 More and more laser printers are taking over traditional printing. Now Rippedsheets.com has overcome some shortcomings of laser printed labels: longevity.

Laser Printer and Inkjet Printable Permanent Post-It Notes and Flags by Rippedsheets.com

Oct. 10, 2002 Needing "Defect Flags" with self adhesive for faulty window blinds, an Australian company turned to Rippedsheets.com to develop a Post-It that they could print on a desktop laser printer. 2003 Article on Post-It Notes

Rippedsheets.com Offers Inkjet or Laser Printable Message Labels for Foil Air Balloons in Dozens of Materials

Oct 4, 2002 Can't find the right message for your balloon sculpture, balloon table centerpiece or balloon delivery bouquet?

Underwater Capable Copier Paper Used by Emergency Crews and Others

Sep 5, 2002 Rippedsheets.com Inkjet Materials Business has sold its 100760 Waterproof Copy Film 28 lb. for Color Desktop Laser Printers to Institutional, Government and Industrial markets requiring extreme waterproofing of laser printed information.

Rippedsheets.com Waterproof Label Material for Desktop Inkjet Printers

Aug 20, 2002 Rippedsheets.com Inkjet Materials Business announces a Waterproof Self Adhesive Label Material for Standard Desktop Inkjet Printers for the Home Business and Small Business markets.

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