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Making labels in MS Word

Template Building

Here is how to make a 2" x 2" labels with no spaces between them in MS Word:

  1. Open MS Word and Open a New Document
  2. On top Menu Bar, go to Tools, then drop down and select Envelopes and Labels
  3. In Envelopes and Labels, select Options...
  4. Under Label Options, select New Label...
  5. Under New Custom Label enter a Label Name
  6. Under New Custom Label go to bottom of select Page Size (8.5" x 11")
  7. Fill in boxes under New Custom Label starting with right column:
    • Label Height 2"
    • Label Width 2"
    • Number Across 4
    • Number Down 5
  8. Fill in boxes under New Custom Label in left column:
    • Top Margin .5" (MS Word will only do 1 or 2 decimal points, not 3 decimal points)
    • Side Margin .25"
    • Vertical Pitch 2" (Vertical Pitch = Label Height + Vertical Space between Labels)
    • Horizontal Pitch 2" (Horizontal Pitch = Label Width + Horizontal Space between Labels)
  9. Click OK to Close New Custom Laser Box which bring back to Label Options Box
  10. Now Click OK to Close Label Options Box (Make sure you click Laser and ink jet bottom, too)
  11. You are now back to the Envelopes and Labels box. Now click Full Page of the same Label,
    then New Document
  12. Now you have a Word Document with a Label Layout in Light Gray. Save this MS Word Label Template.

Simple Designs

If you want to make MSDS labels or otherwise do simple designs with type and a color background in MS word:

  1. In MS Word, go to View and Select Toolbars, then click Drawing (The Drawing Toolbar will now Appear)
  2. To create box with a number in it, go to the Drawing Tool, select Text Box
  3. Open a Text box and type in text
  4. Go to Fill Color and select a Color
  5. Now Copy and Paste into each label area in your Label Template.

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