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Rippedsheets.com Wristbands

Material Safety Data Sheet

Section 1. Product and Company Identification

Product Name: Rippedsheets.com Wristbands:

Product Use: Temporary Wristbands

Emergency Number: Contact Rippedsheets.com

Section 2. Composition/Information on Components

With respect to the Rippedsheets.com wristband facestocks and the Federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard ("the Standard"), Rippedsheet.com has investigated the applicability of the standard to our aforementioned product facestock and adhesive.

The purpose of the Standard is to insure that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported are evaluated and information concerning the hazards are transmitted to affected employees in the manufacturing sector. Employees must be advised of certain hazardous components in excess of 1% and carcinogens in excess of 0.1%.

Additionally, the Standard also states that "articles" which do not release or otherwise result in exposure to a hazardous chemical under normal conditions of use are exempt.

It is Rippedsheets.com's opinion that there are no provisions in the present OSHA Standard which apply to our aforementioned products requiring the preparation of a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Section 3. Hazardous Identification

Potential Health Effects, Signs and Symptoms

As a courtesy, we have the following information on the adhesive:

  • Eye Contact:

    Avoid eye-contact. No health effects are expected. Eye Contact is a non-conforming use of wristbands. No need for first aid is anticipated.

  • Skin Contact:

    No health effects are expected. Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact. No need for first aid is anticipated.

  • Inhalation:

    Avoid Inhalation. No health effects are expected. Inhalation is a non-conforming use of wristbands. No need for first aid is anticipated.

  • Ingestion:

    Avoid Ingestion. No health effects are expected. Ingestion is a non-conforming use of wristbands. No need for first aid is anticipated.

Section 4. First Aid Measures

This product is an article. Exposure issues are not expected. Provide appropriate first aid for any cuts or abrasions.

The information set forth in this sheet is based on information provided by the suppliers of the raw materials and chemicals used in the manufacture of the aforementioned product pursuant to the regulations in effect in the United States at the time. Rippedsheets.com makes no warranty with respect to the accuracy of the information provided by their suppliers, and disclaims all liability of reliance thereon. This product is considered an article which is exempt under the OSHA HCS 1900.1200.

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