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Harsh Environment Media for Laser Printers: Long Life Matte Silver Pressure Sensitive Labels & Security Films

BENTON CITY, Washington, June 16, 2003

More and more laser printers are taking over traditional printing. Now Rippedsheets.com has overcome some shortcomings of laser printed labels: longevity. Laser printed labels can now last for the life of the product in personal electronics, consumer and industrial products, and medical devices. Rippedsheets.com 101330 Matte Silver and 102351 Matte Silver Void can be die cut to the desired shape within 24 hours, printed and applied easily which helps speed assembly and cut associated costs.

Rippedsheets.com Matte Silver Labels have high bond strength for long-lasting bonds. 101330 Matte Silver and 102351 Matte Silver Void work only over a temperature range -40°F to 302°F. Both label materials typically cost less than custom printed pressure sensitive labels.

Consider Rippedsheets.com Matte Silver Labels during product design or redesign to avoid production delays and potential quality issues down the road.

Configuration and Construction

Rippedsheets.com Matte Silver Labels come with clear acrylic adhesives that have wide service temperature ranges and that resist UV as well, important considerations for outdoor applications. 101330 Matte Silver and 102351 Matte Silver Void labels work best for assemblies subjected to temperature extremes. Both materials have a face stock that is an indoor/outdoor rated clear polyester with a metallized back-coating and matte laser printer receptive top coating. The 102351 has a special adhesive pattern that leaves the word "VOID" behind if a label is removed. Both 101330 Matte Silver and 102351 Matte Silver Void labels have high tensile and tear strength, are highly flexible and dimensionally stable, and resist moisture. Films are also thin, clean, fiber-free, transparent, and work well at high temperatures.


In many cases, matte silver labels have become the preferred method for labeling certain parts of computers and cell phones, medical devices, OEM systems, automobiles, machines, and equipment. Rippedsheets.com Short Run facility can die-cut 8.5″ × 11″ sheets of labels to any shape or size specified and ship 101330 Matte Silver and 102351 Matte Silver Void within 24 hours of receipt of order.

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