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New Twist on Labels - Waterproof Clear Inkjet Labels

BENTON CITY, Washington, November 23, 2005

New material now makes it possible to print clear inkjet labels! We may have seen the rise of inkjet printed photographs as personal photos printed at home are more popular in recent years, but a new material now reminds us that the desktop inkjet printer is for more than printing photographs. Inkjet printers are the printing workhorses for small businesses and agencies. Rippedsheets.com, the inkjet and laser labeling products manufacturer, has determined that there is increased demand for a waterproof clear inkjet label because a large portion of desktop inkjet printer users still want to print labels from their inkjet printers.

Those surveyed by Rippedsheets.com, also confirmed that even though we may think of inkjet printers for printing photographs, they are disappointed when they find out that their inkjet printer has limitations for printing labels and tags which is the quickest way of labeling a product or grabbing theattention of the small business customer.

Small business customers who use inkjet printers want to print short run labels with variable information for new products, customized products and products for limited markets. This emphasizes the belief that, in an agedominated by high-volume and big box stores, the personal, customized touch is still in high demand.

Steve Hall of Rippedsheets.com said: “Customers want more out of their inkjet printers, not less. A $200 inkjet printer is great for printing photographs, but what happens to a small business when it needs a waterproof clear label for a personal care product for a trade show tomorrow? Specialized inkjet printers are making photographs instant, but in someways they are affecting our versatility in a negative way. It is therefore critical for us to see that our customers have broad choices of both inkjet printers and materials to print most or all the items they can get from a professional printing house. Keep in mind that a well-labeled, inkjet printed clear label on the personal care product rather than a printed hand-out is the surest way to convince somebody you have what they need.”

104090 Waterproof Clear on Clear Label

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