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Laser printable fabric for dry cleaning

BENTON CITY, Washington, December 13, 2005

Inkjet printable materials maker Rippedsheets 100721 Washable Mil-Spec Reemay Fabric materials in white will work in Black and White and Color desktop laser printers. It also offers 100721 in Tan and Green on a special order basis.

Rippedsheets.com 100721 white laser printable fabric is printable from the bypass tray of small desktop black and white or laser printers or copiers only in the Paper mode.

This is a laser printable nonwoven Reemay with a polymer coating that resists tearing from sewing and use.

100721 Washable Mil-Spec Reemay Fabric conforms to Mil DTL 32075 Type 4 (Old Mil Spec DDD l 20 Type 4 ), Mil DTL 32075 Type 5 (Old Mil Spec DDD L 20 Type 5), and Mil DTl 32075 Type 6 (Old Mil Spec DDD L 20 Type 6). 100721 Washable Mil-Spec Reemay Fabric can be used for Class 1 through Class 18.

It is offered in blank sheets but the material can be perforated with 30 perforations per inch to meet customer specifications on a custom quote basis. Most customers print and guillotine cut labels from laser printed blanks.

Rippedsheets has developed dozens of printable label, tag, paper, and fabric materials not available elsewhere that have higher performance characteristics for a variety of harsh environment and graphic uses.

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