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New Twist on Labels; Waterproof Clear Inkjet Labels

BENTON CITY, Washington, December 7, 2005

New short run materials make it possible for Rippedsheets.com to produce laser printable doorhangers and tags in any size or shape in 24 hours for instant advertising.

Rippedsheets.com is an innovator in laser and inkjet printable promotional materials, today announced that it can now produce in 24 hours any custom sized, printable doorhanger, shower hanger, custom tag or hang tag with no custom die cutting tool charge. This allows customers of Rippedsheets.com to launch multi-market promotional advertising campaigns or tagging efforts immediately. Rippedsheets.com now gives any company with any sized mailing list or product line sophisticated capabilities to pinpoint market segments, on demand.

“We have had unprecedented machine capabilities to produce, even overnight, what our customers want,” says Rippedsheets.com Founder and President, Steve Hall, “It is an art and a science that's competitive with the best tag manufacturers out there. We get the call with the specific doorhanger or tag design and material requirements and we produce what they want so they can print it on their high speed laser or inkjet printer with variable information they need to make the marketing impact they require. Their database tools and our blank doorhangers and tags allow our clients to define and penetrate their markets quickly. Many companies that advertise don't realize we exist but our doorhangers, shower hangers and tags deliver a level of selection of materials and quality that is difficult to comprehend. That's a big change from the past when there were really no choices of graphic or durable printable materials that could be fashioned on a dime, in 24 hours without tooling charges and make readies. It's not surprising that more and more clients are including us into their marketing campaigns, turning to us for short run programs, up to several thousand pieces. We also have an extremely high rate of repeat business which tells us that we are working hard to do a good job.” he says.

Steve Hall continued, “Customers want more out of their inkjet printers, not less. A $200 inkjet printer is great for printing photographs, but what happens to a small business when it needs a waterproof clear label for a personal care product for a trade show tomorrow?”

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