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Printable Microfiber-ish Velvet Flock Stickers

BENTON CITY, Washington, January 2, 2006

Printable is what this is about. You can spill merlot on micro fiber covered high-end furniture or that hot new microfiber sport coat, but you can't run them through an inkjet printer. There are many 21st century synthetic fibers, but few are printable on a standard desktop inkjet printer... you know, the printer that you made photos on until you discovered you could have Wal-Mart print them. Velvet Flock stickers are made from extruded films that are spun into fibers. Advanced techniques, match the fiber to a self-adhesive and removable paper liner to make an awesome composite.

The fibers are absorbent enough that the velvet flock self adhesive resists water by encapsulating the inkjet ink into the fiber, protecting it from moisture, for longer than you would think. You can get the printable velvet flock in shapes in printer-sized sheets. The shapes could be for scrapbooks, decorations, enhancements, accessories, parts of P.O.P.'s, Anything!

You can even wrap velvet flock around things to achieve your artistic goals. Velvet Flock is one of the materials that will be available to help assure you keep that $200 inkjet printer around, as you buy less and less printer paper, forget about printing photos, and avoid buying expensive inks. Velvet Flock turns inkjet printers into fun machines. With special Short Run die cutting machines developed at Rippedsheets.com, 10 - 500 sheets of label materials could be custom die cut into any size and shape within 24 hours without a die charge.

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