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Custom Inkjet and Laser Labels in 13″ × 19″ Format

BENTON CITY, Washington, May 19, 2006

Rippedsheets.com now has customized inkjet and laser labels in 13″ × 19″ format! Wide format printers are increasing in demand, and so is the need for innovative and effective printable materials.

Wide format labels for inkjets are available in Rippedsheets.com materials 104000 (permanent labels) and 104100 (removable labels). These white vinyl labels have a special chemistry that transforms all inkjet inks into waterproof inks with one pass through the printer. The print on the labels will resist smearing – even while rubbed gently submerged in water! Both label materials are compatible with printers like the HP Photosmart 8750, Canon i9900 and Konica Minolta's bizhub PRO.

13" x 19" labels are also available for in Rippedsheets.com material 102120. This eggshell (low satin gloss) polyester label material produces near photo quality prints that resist water, weak solvents, and light scuffing. It is compatible with printers like the Compaq/Digital Laser Printer LN20.

Applications include edge to edge photo-quality prints of posters, pictures, and signs that can efficiently be posted due to the self-adhesive. A wider format label material allows more options for die-cutting longer, larger labels.

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