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Pulp mills to close eliminating infrastructure to build and make Green Paper Products

BENTON CITY, Washington, April 07, 2007

A Washington State paper converter says there should be a law that pulp mills cannot be closed and machinery sold in Washington, Oregon and California. Steve Hall, President of Rippedsheets.com says, “I am very concerned now that I am making 100% recycled paper labels in my company. I learned the astounding fact that except for one small tissue mill in NC, there are no mills that "pulp" recycled paper on the West Coast. If we close all the mills, and that is happening (West Tacoma Paper Mill, closed since 2000, announced it will start selling machinery) then we will lose infrastructure upon which to build plants on the West Coast that can "pulp" recycled paper in the future. I have to be careful here because some paper mills in these states are buying bags of bleached pulp made from recycled paper from midwest "pulp" facilities and making recycled paper in the "paper" mills, but there are no West Coast pulping facilities for recycled paper.” Hall said. “At this point we're all white collar field workers sorting garbage in our homes, so the recycled portion can be exported.

“Think about it,” Steve Hall continued, “from Canada to Mexico borders, we all are recycling paper for export. I had no idea or opinion about this until a few months ago. Now I feel that the Green movement needs to move into this area - the conversion of recycled paper to useful products on American soil. Currently, the LA times is testing 100% recycled newsprint from China.”

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