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HP Indigo Sheet fed presses get new media: Custom Die Cut Label Sheets

BENTON CITY, Washington, August 24, 2007

Rippedsheets.com today announced a line of pre die cut labels 12″ × 18″ and 13″ × 19″ in the HP Indigo digital printing solutions portfolio that help increase the productivity, profit potential and use of digital technology for HP Indigo customers worldwide. Rippedsheets.com can uniquely die-cut label sheets in any size and in any shape with no die charge in as little as ten sheets made in 24 hours for fast turnaround jobs.

Introduced by Rippedsheets.com this week, the new offerings include 107111 Waterproof Vinyl Label for the HP Indigo Digital Color Printing Press which is all designed to bring industry-leading offset-quality HP Indigo digital print technology to an even wider range of businesses.

In the next couple of weeks materials added will include unique label products adhesive coated by Rippedsheets.com utilizing NewPage Sterling Ultra and Neenah Classic Crest Solar White digital facestocks.

Also, Rippedsheets.com will be adding well known a 50 -25 PCR FSC certified velvet coated facestock stock that Rippedsheets.com will convert into a digital label stock.

Finally, in addition to a vinyl durable, Rippedsheets.com will be adding silver, matte silver, clear and white polyester labels for the HP Indigo including a high gloss polyester label stock, polycarbonate labels and other durable label materials.

Rippedsheets.com announced today it will offer the best of HP Indigo range of products in any shape or size label in the 12″ × 18″ pre die cut sizes for key growing markets such as marketing collateral, direct mail, photo merchandise and book and manual publishing.

"Today, we are going to turn sheet-fed HP Indigo presses into the equivalent of powerful HP Indigo label web presses for the short and long run markets. We have ten years experience in this with dry toner lasers, desktop inkjet printers and digital presses including the HP Indigo, iGen, NexPress and Xeikon presses, and we will bring the owners of the presses to the next level of productivity and quality," said Steve Hall, president, Rippedsheets.com. "Our newly enhanced HP Indigo pre cut label offering will vastly expand the label capabilities of HP Indigo and iGen sheet fed label press owners. It will take some time for us to educate the paper merchants who we want to sell our products on exactly how much money HP Indigo sheet fed press owners will leave on the table if they don't get into this. This is a very big market to be able to sell print buyers what labels they need, on the stock they need, in the time they need it and with no post print converting. Just print and ship!"

According to industry analyst firm InfoTrends, in the United States alone, color print-on-demand is expected to have a 15 percent compound annual growth rate from 2005 to 2010, expanding from a retail value of US $28.5 billion to US$57.8 billion over the same period. The study did not take into account the additional growth pre die-cut labels will bring to the industry.

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