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BENTON CITY, Washington, June 24, 2013

We offer many options for personalized labels, tags, and cards, including: glow-in-the-dark, anti-microbial, and more. Over 550 materials including 10 mil, 15 mil, and 30 mil cards that can be cut to any size or shape.

Now Rippedsheets.com does all kinds of single labels, tags, plastic cards, and more. With the best and latest software for variable data (2D, 3D, alphanumerics and text).

New Commerce, or call it what you will, is the movement of products from brick and mortar to the web. This includes printed tags, cards, labels, and signs that once came in the mail in catalogs. More and more businesses and consumers are going to the Internet to purchase personalized printed products. The standard sticker, card, or tag just does not do it if the personalized option is also available. Rippedsheets.com has been adding single label, card, tag, and sign capabilities since 2007. That accelerated in 2010 with the addition of 30 mil cards and tags. Even more options have been added in 2013.

Personalization means as little as one label or tag or as many as thousands, but there is a twist - the result can't just be on a roll or on a sheet. Customers want singles. And Rippedsheets.com listened.

Labels B2C

We offer single labels. Any Shape. Any Size. Any Material. They are perfect for handouts, take-aways, or promotional events. Put the sticker in your pocket, stick it to your tablet, notebook or wherever.

New materials and options are being developed everyday, including our most recent glow-in-the-dark digital printing primer and an anti-microbial coating.


Rippedsheets.com serves all kinds of industries for safety, nameplates, hazardous materials, towing stickers, and 100's more. For manufacturing environments, We offer single label sets that are put in job jackets in an assembly facility. They are also used out in the field for electrical boxes, equipment, and other on-site uses. Rippedsheets.com also has 3 top label materials approved for outdoor use by Underwriters Laboratory.

Tags and Cards

We offer personalized cards, key fobs, and more for professional conferences and trade expos.

We offer cards in 10 mil, 15 mil, and 30 mil. We also have foam tags and .067″ thick plastic tags and signs! Rippedsheets.com can add grommets and eyelets to your cards and many other unique enhancements. The capabilities are endless.

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