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Soil Tags

Rippedsheets.com offers several sizes for in-soil tags. These materials are sturdy enough to stick into most soils, yet are still thin enough to be printable through desktop laser printers. Made from a 7.5 mil polyester 100732-20 material, these tags are long-term waterproof and durable. Popular sizes include 100710-8 (24 tags per sheet) and 100710-11 (12 tags per sheet). Also available is 110710-8 (24 tags per sheet), a clean-cut version of the 100710-8, which makes removal from the sheet after printing as easy as peeling a label.

Plant Ties

Made from a 7.5 mil polyester 100704 material, these ties are waterproof and tear-resistant, yet flexible enough to wrap around small stems and branches. The material has excellent graphics printability for desktop laser printers. These ties offer removable holes for a wrap-and-lock strong enough to handle wind and rain, and the occasional tug. Popular sizes include 100710-7 (8 ties per sheet) and 100710-2 (10 ties per sheet).

Outdoor Signage

Several materials are available for agricultural signage, from short-term use to long-term use. 100703 is a white, non-adhesive material that is designed to be printed on a standard color or B&W laser printer. It has a caliper of 10 points and is tear resistant. Its construction is a lamination of polyolefin sandwiched between two layers of outdoor waterproof paper.  Also available is 100732-20, a Polyester Plastic (PET) material has a caliper of 7.5 mils (.0075″) and is extremely tear resistant in BOTH directions. Use this material and your laser printer to create crate tags, pallet tags, and outdoor signage that can be stapled, nailed or screwed into place.

Planter Labels

Rippedsheets offers excellent low-cost adhesive planter labels that can handle occasional exposure to watering. 104800 is a 50 lb. Bright White Latex Label Sheet with a high tack, aggressive, rubber-based Permanent Adhesive. Laser print quality is excellent and is smudge resistant. The latex paper face stock is also available with a removable adhesive with the 104810. Either material can be used outdoors and indoors in damp environments.

This is just a few of the labeling options available from Rippedsheets.com. Contact the customer service specialists for more information about agriculture tags and labels or any other questions.

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