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Coded Plant and Flower Tags & Labels!

Rippedsheets.com Now Makes It Easier to Label Plants and Flowers

Plant labels and tags are perfect for nurseries and garden centers. We offer a wide variety of material options that are made to order.

Rippedsheets.com is proud to highlight a wide variety of plant label and tag printing solutions. Summer is an ideal time to invest in durable and cost-effective plant and flower labels for nursery or garden center businesses. These sturdy tags are designed to be inserted into the soil and display relevant information to the consumer about a plant or flower. A large selection of durable, tear-resistant, and weatherproof materials are offered so the tags can last longer than even the plants themselves.

Moreover, tags and labels give opportunity to provide an interactive customer experience. Plant tags are no longer just being used to present basic information — jamming as much information as possible into a limited space — but are used more effectively as a gateway to more detailed information. Maximize the use of space on plant tag by placing QR or SMS codes on the tag that link the consumer to a website or product landing page. This makes the customer purchasing experience more interactive, and gives the customer the information they need to make a purchase. Helping customers along their purchase with good display and information is one way to add value to a business and improve the bottom line.

Another popular plant label option is the pot wrap. These colorful, vibrant wraps add stylish appeal to any standard pot. The decorative exterior proves valuable brand tool, while the interior of the label provides a space to display care instructions, as well as growing and pruning information that can be easily referenced by the customer.

Since flexibility and timing are important, the information needs to be quickly accessible by the customer and easy to read. The difficulty is finding a wrap size that fits pots that are already purchased, and finding a high-quality custom print partner to make these beautiful pot wraps with quick turnaround time. Whether the best solution is a pre-cut tag that can be printed on a desktop laser printer, or a print partner that can provide multiple designs, and Rippedsheets.com has the solution.

Rippedsheets.com, leading innovator in signs, labels, and tags for garden centers and nurseries, offers a variety of tag or label materials, which can be custom-printed to provide customers with precise information on how to grow plants or flowers in different climates. Several different standard shapes are available, or they can be custom die cut to order. Full-color printing can be used to gain a competitive advantage, and with all the print and cut options that Rippedsheets.com offers, local plant shops can differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition with unique and attractive designs.

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