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Medical Label Line Card

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Rippedsheets offers a number of different materials for medical and biotech labels. Offered are cryogenic labels, piggyback labels, equipment labels, patient wristbands, and a variety of enhancements. These labels can be die cut to any shape or size and can be custom printed.

Cryogenic Labels

The 102600 Outdoor Waterproof Vinyl has a clear adhesive that is adaptable to many different surfaces. This label material has a special chemistry and has been used in cryogenic label applications down to - 80°C to -196°C in nitrogen liquid phase applications. The print on this material is smear-proof, even after it is put under water. This material is RoHS compliant and has been tested and passed the British Standard 5609:1986 Section 2 required for the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Certification.

Another option for cryogenic labeling is the 104940 Vinyl Piggyback Imageable Liner. This material is like a 2-part NCR style form, only made of blank labels. This material has a top, blank laser printable pressure sensitive label. The top label is the 102600 Outdoor Waterproof Vinyl Label and goes over the second pressure label, that has an imageable, NCR-type coating. The bottom paper label adhesive is a clear acrylic that is adaptable to many surfaces.

Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels are labels that can be standard die cut through both adhesive layers, or stepped die cut to create master labels, from which sub-labels can be removed and applied to other surfaces.

Our 104900 Color Laser Matte Paper Piggyback, an RoHS compliant, off-white paper label with a permanent adhesive. It also has a clear acrylic adhesive and a minimum application temperature of 35°F with a service range of -65°F to 180°F.

For more durable applications, 104950 White Poly Piggyback, a matte white polyester with a permanent adhesive. The clear acrylic adhesive is adaptable to many surfaces with a minimum application temperature of 32°F and a service range of -4°F to 176°F.

Patient Wristbands

Rippedsheets.com offers non-tear wristbands that can be used for patient wristbands. These are waterproof and can be run through laser printers. The 100850-40 Laser Waterproof Economy Wristbands are adult-sized and the 100851-40 are child-sized wristbands.

Medical Equipment

The 102250 Outdoor/Indoor White Polyester is a UL-approved, white polyester label with a permanent adhesive. The facestock is a radiant white and resists scuffing, chemical degradation, and wide temperature fluctuations. It can adhere to both high and low energy plastics, textured surfaces, powder coating, and even slightly oily metals. The adhesive is a clear acrylic, has a minimum application temperature of 50°F and a service range -40°F to 302°F.

For added security, the 102353 Reverse Tamper-Void Gray Label is a gray tamper-proof material that leaves a 'VOID' pattern if removal is attempted. The adhesive is a clear acrylic that may be applied to metal, glass, or poly carbonate plastics. It has a minimum application temperature of 50°F and a service range of -40°F to 176°F.


One of our exciting new enhancements available is the 303016 antimicrobial coating. Testing was executed in accordance with JIS Z 2801 and found that it kills 99% of all bacteria. Other selections include a glow-in-the-dark. These options can be added to most labels, tags, and wristband materials.

This is just a few of the labeling options available from Rippedsheets.com. Contact the customer service specialists for more information about medical labels or about any other questions.

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