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Third Party Billing

Shipping Policy

By placing an order with Rippedsheets.com using Third Party Billing - Bill Recipient, Customer agrees to pay all shipping charges and fees ($30.00 USD per package) and agree to be charged back for such charges and fees if UPS or FEDEX reverses shipping charges back to Rippedsheets.com. Please read UPS and FEDEX Terms of Use below:

United Parcel Service
UPS Terms and Conditions:

Billing Options for Domestic Shipments Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by UPS, shipping charges will be billed to the shipper.

UPS accepts shipments for Collect billing and Third-Party billing provided the consignee or third party has a valid UPS account number and has agreed to accept the charges.

A processing fee, set forth in the UPS Rates applicable to the shipment in effect at the time of shipping, will be charged for a missing or invalid account number when either Collect billing or Third-Party billing has been selected on the source document or in a UPS automated shipping system. An account number is invalid if it is the wrong account number for the bill-to party or if it is the account number for a consignee or third party who fails to pay the shipping charges. In the event of non-payment by the consignee or third party, the charges will be billed to the shipper. Regardless of the billing option selected, some charges, including, but not limited to, address correction charges, will be billed to the shipper.

Rippedsheets FedEx Terms
Fedex Terms and Conditions:


  1. "Bill Sender" means charges will be billed to the sender. The sender's FedEx account number must appear on the airbill, and the account must be in good credit standing. The sender may request an initial rebilling to another party, but all subsequent rebills will be only to the sender. (See "Billing and Special Handling Fees" below.)
  2. "Bill Recipient" means charges will be billed to the recipient. (This is not C.O.D. service.) The recipient's FedEx account number must appear on the airbill and the account must be in good credit standing, or the recipient must pay for the shipment at the time of delivery.
  3. "Bill Third Party" means charges will be billed to someone other than the sender or recipient. Charges for shipments within the U.S. may be billed only to a third party in the U.S. In order to choose this billing option, the FedEx account number of the third party must appear on the airbill at the time it is tendered and the account must be in good credit standing.
  4. We reserve the right to verify the method of payment for any shipment and to refuse any shipment for which the method of payment cannot be verified.
  5. For packages tendered for transportation with a FedEx Prepaid Stamp, FedEx reserves the right to bill the customer for packages that are overweight or require special handling. FedEx Prepaid Stamps are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
  7. Billing and Special Handling Fees.
    1. A special handling fee will be charged where no account number appears on the airbill or where an incomplete, inaccurate or invalid account number appears on the airbill in "Bill Sender," "Bill Recipient" or "Bill Third Party" transactions. If a "Bill Sender," "Bill Recipient" or "Bill Third Party" package is received without a FedEx account number, we will attempt to determine the correct account from our records and bill the account for all charges and fees, plus the special handling fee. Any applicable discount will apply. If, however, we cannot determine the correct account, the transportation charges plus the special handling fee will be billed directly to the sender and no discount will be allowed. See rates in the FedEx Service Guide for details.
    2. Payer Rebilling. A $10 special handling fee will be charged to the sender for each request for a change to billing instructions for a package. We will accept requests for change to billing instructions up to 60 days from the invoice date. Such requests will be accepted only for unpaid shipments.
    3. A special handling fee will be charged to the sender if we are unable to obtain payment on any transaction billed to a credit card. See rates in the FedEx Service Guide for details.
    4. A $20 special handling fee will be charged to you for any check or electronic fund transfer that is dishonored for any reason.
  8. Electronically captured data will be used for billing purposes in the event a billing copy of the airbill is not available at the time of billing.
  9. You must furnish with your payment the invoice numbers to which your payment applies. Payment should be sent using your remittance advice to one of the following:

    (By FedEx Envelope)
    FedEx Corporation
    2003 Corporate Plaza
    First Floor
    Memphis, TN 38132

    (By U.S. Postal Service)

    Any non-EDI customer whose bill-to address is in CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT or WV should mail their payment(s) to:

    FedEx Corporation
    P.O. Box 371461
    Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7461

    EDI customers should mail their remittance checks to:

    FedEx ERS
    P.O. Box 371741
    Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7741

    The address for Manage My Account customers is:

    FedEx Express FIO
    P.O. Box 371599
    Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7599

    All other customers should mail their remittance checks to:

    FedEx Corporation
    P.O. Box 1140
    Memphis, TN 38101-1140

  10. If you are interested in or have questions regarding any of our invoicing or payment methods, contact your FedEx account executive or call Revenue Services at 1.800.622.1147, or access our Internet application Manage My Account at fedex.com.
  11. Invoice Adjustments/Overcharges:
    1. We reserve the right to audit airbills and shipments made via any means, including, but not limited to, an automated shipping device, to verify service selection and shipment weight. If the service selected or weight entered is incorrect, we may make appropriate adjustments to the shipment charges at any time.
    2. Default billing. Senders are solely responsible for accurately completing all sections of the airbill and for the entry of accurate shipment information into any automated shipping device. If you fail to provide or correctly enter this information, you will be billed and agree to pay based on our estimate of the number of packages transported and either the dimensional weight at the time of billing or a standard default weight-per-package estimate, both of which will be determined by us at our sole discretion. If no service is marked, we will send your shipment via FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx 1Day Freight, whichever is applicable.
    3. Our Money-Back Guarantee Policy governs and is the exclusive remedy for requests for refunds or credits related to service failures or failure to provide timely package status. (See "Money-Back Guarantee Policy" for applicable notice provisions and other conditions.) If the Money-Back Guarantee is suspended or revoked, there is no remedy.
    4. Requests for invoice adjustments due to an overcharge must be received within 60 days after the original invoice date (or ship date if prepaid by cash, check, money order or credit card).
    5. FedEx is not obligated to refund any overcharge or pay any other obligation owed when your FedEx account is, or has been in the past, more than 60 days past due.
    6. If your account is more than 60 days past due, FedEx may, in its sole discretion, apply any overcharge amounts or other overpayments it agrees are owed to you against the oldest invoices.
    7. A request for invoice adjustment for reasons not related to a service failure may be submitted in writing, via the invoice adjustment feature on fedex.com, or through our telephone invoice adjustment system at 1.800.622.1147 or our Internet application Manage My Account at fedex.com. If you choose to submit your request via the telephone invoice adjustment system, you must confirm your request in writing within 15 days of your call. The request must state the reason you believe an adjustment or refund is warranted and must provide the FedEx account number (if any); the airbill or FedEx tracking number; the date of shipment; the recipient's name, address and ZIP code; and any applicable nonpayment codes. A partial payment against an invoice is not considered a request for invoice adjustment or notice of a refund request.
    8. If you choose to send your request for an invoice adjustment for non-service-related failure via FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service, please send it to:

      FedEx Corporation
      Revenue Services
      3965 Airways Blvd.
      Module G
      Memphis, TN 38116

      You may also send your request via fax to the FedEx Toll-Free Fax Service:

      We will not be liable for any invoice adjustment unless you comply with the notice requirements described above. The filing of a lawsuit against us does not constitute compliance with these notice provisions.

      For additional information or assistance regarding billing issues, contact Revenue Services at 1.800.622.1147, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. (CT), Monday-Friday.

  12. Additional taxes. If a federal value-added, consumption or similar tax is applicable to your shipment, we reserve the right to add that amount to your shipping charges without notice. We pay any applicable federal excise tax on the air transportation portion of our service.
  13. The shipper and any other party who is liable for payment are responsible for all reasonable costs incurred by FedEx in obtaining or attempting to obtain payment for services rendered by us. Such costs include, but are not limited to, attorneys' fees, collection agency fees, interest and court costs.

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