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Matte No Copy Prescription Pad RX Security Paper

#100728 - Matte Security Paper

No copy security paper
Security Paper
No-Copy Security

This has a blue screened pantograph background on the front side. When copied, scanned or faxed in color or black and white the word "VOID" appears in the duplicate. Also, on the front is a coating that secures the laser printing to the paper. If attempts are made to remove the laser printing, the paper fibers are destroyed.

On the white backside of 100728, there is an artificial watermark that says "Prescription Security". On the backside there are four RX symbols in each quadrant printed in red thermochromatic ink. If the red RX symbols are rubbed they disappear with the heat generated from the rubbing, and the red RX reappears when the rubbing stops and the thermochromatic cools.

This material is made of a chemically reactive paper that discolors when print is removed by solvents and the paper has invisible fibers which glow under a UV black light. This paper has a paper weight of 25# and is available in 8.5″ × 11″ sheets only.

Rippedsheets.com sells blank security paper in many colors and with many document security feature options. 100728 meets the latest Federal Standards for Prescription pad security:

  • Red Thermochromic Ink
  • "Rx" Marks
  • Artificial Watermarks
  • Blue Screened VOID Pantograph
  • Toner Grip
  • Chemically Reactive paper
  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
  • Coin Reactive Ink

Rippedsheets.com can also provide security label paper, security tags and holograms in any shape or size with any perforation specification, compatible with Laser / Inkjet printers.

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Sheet Ct.Price Per Sheet
8.5″ × 11″

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