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Satin Aluminum Permanent Adhesive Sheets

#101102 - Satin Aluminum Permanent Sheets

Permanent Acrylic

We offer a 0.005″ thick satin finished aluminum sheet with a Scotch™ 467MP high performance self adhesive for high quality up to 2880 dpi inkjet printing. The adhesive is a 2 mil clear acrylic adaptable to many surfaces with a minimum application temperature of 50°F and a service range of -40°F to 400°F. The 100410 Clear Protective UV Spray will make 101102 Inkjet Printable Aluminum Self Adhesive suitable for many commercial applications (laminating not recommended).

Once the 101102 has been printed, it can be spray protected with the 100410 Clear Protective UV Spray or overlaminated with the 102525 Protective Glossy UV Safe Overlaminate. 101102 Inkjet Printable Aluminum Self Adhesive can be cut to shape with proper metal cutting tools (scissors do cut the material).

Blank Sheets

Full Unprinted Sheets Only - Order by 10 sheet cartons.
Sheet Ct.Price Per Sheet
8.5″ × 11″
10 sheet carton$13.15


Approved Color Inkjet Printer List and Uses

The following older printers have been specifically tested and approved:
Epson 960, 3000, 2000P, C80, 5500, 7600 and 9600
Lexmark Z51, Z52, Z53, X83, X73
Canon S800

Approved Inkjet settings: superfine and photo- - Media type: photo or archival paper.

101102 Inkjet Printable Aluminum sheets will print best when fed through one at a time, through rear slots or through printers with thickness levers set in the thick paper mode. Hewlett Packard (HP) inkjet printers have been tested and will not print 101102.

  • Store 101102 sheets in their original pouch and in a cool, dry placeto avoid moisture and high humidity. Keep any unused sheets in the original package until ready to print.
  • Avoid touching the printable surface of the sheet. Hold sheet by theedges.
  • For best results, go to your Printer Set-Up and select thefollowing:
  • Media Type: select Photo Quality, Glossy Paper or Glossy Film.
  • Print Quality: select Photo Enhance or Photo.
  • DPI Settings: select the highest DPI setting. settings of 1200 DPI or higher are recommended. While you can print at any DPI setting, choosing the highest dpi setting on your printer will give the best results.
  • Due to variations among printer and ink manufacturers, someexperimentation with output settings may be required for optimal results. Please refer to your printer manual for specific recommendations.
  • 101102 sheets are compatible with all ink jet systems including dyeand pigment based inks. Your ink choice will determine the longevity of theprinted image. Archival grade inks are recommended when long term durability and/or prolonged UV exposure is necessary.
  • It is recommended that you load and print one sheet at a time. Always load the sheet in the manual feed position. DO NOT place sheet in thepaper tray, they will not feed properly through the printer.
  • Allow ink to dry on sheet before stacking or handling. If desired, use a hair dryer or heat gun to quickly dry the sheet.
  • 101102 sheets have been tested on a wide variety of ink jet printers. For best performance "straight through" printers are recommended for all thicknesses of 101102. Many, but not all, printers have a "J" path configuration that are acceptable for .005" thick 101102 sheets. Beforeprinting, check to ensure that the sheet will feed through the printer by loading a single sheet through the printer and pressing "Form Feed" on yourprinter.

    media type
  • For added durability of the printed image, the sheet may be sprayed with clear acrylics or varnishes such as Krylon Clear Arcrylic. Also, protective films or overlaminates can be applied to the sheet.
  • Rippedsheets.com assumes no liability for use of 101102 sheets with specific printers. For technical support, please Contact Us.


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