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Matte Paper Permanent Patterned Adhesive Labels

#101705 - aka Pattern Adhesive, Dry Lap Adhesive, Strip Coated Adhesive, Zoned Adhesive, Expanded Content, Booklet

Matte Paper Permanent Patterned Adhesive Labels
Laser & Inkjet
Permanent Hot Melt
Patterned Adhesive

This matte white paper label stock is a combination adhesive/non-adhesive material. The back of each sheet has 4 columns of adhesive and 3 columns with no adhesive in a striped pattern. This material is designed for applications where it is desirable for labels to have both sticky and non-sticky portions (e.g. dumbell labels where the two ends stick together but the center does not stick to the jewelry).


Labels made with this material can be layed out in any pattern that fits with the pattern of the adhesive. Labels can be from 0.5″ to 2″ across by 0.5″ to 10.2″ down. The adhesive can be on the top or bottom of the label, left or right side, or both sides of the label depending upon which way the labels are oriented on the 8.5″ × 11″ sheet. The permanent hot-melt adhesive is adaptable to many surfaces with a minimum application temperature of 40°F and a service range of -50°F to 150°F.

Pattered Adhesive Example


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