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Short Run Card Stock Working Area ( 7.74″ × 10.24″ )

We can help you create your custom designs in only 24 hours with NO DIE CHARGE! We require a 0.38″ margin around the material for our unique cutting process. This gives you a total working area of 7.74″ × 10.24″ or 10.24″ × 16.24″ for your design (please see graphics). Please read below or Contact Us for designs exceeding this working area or for designs that need to be cut to the edge of the material.

short run card & tagshort run card & tag

Special Case: Short Run Full Sheet Card Stock Working Area (8.5″ × 11″)

Only with certain materials, We can provide edge-to-edge Short Run Perforations. This gives you a total working area of 8.5″ × 11″ for your design. The pricing is for 11″ × 17″, not 8.5″ × 11″. Please Contact Us for more information on designs that need to be cut to the edge of the material.

Choose Your Design

Inform us of your design, down to 2 decimal points for Word and other Label and Simple design programs and 3 decimal points for high end graphics and engineering programs. For special shapes please email us your wire frame outline of your shape. Please see our file formats.

Circles and Cut-outs

Any shape you send us can have custom cutouts. Circles and cut-outs will be cut with niks or perfed depending on materials. If a perf is required, then a surcharge is required. Please see Tag Surcharges.
In paper card stock or plastic film tag materials, if you need a hole for string, wire, ribbon or fastener, then it can be made as small as 0.25″ in diameter in our Short Run Shop. Below 0.25″, the circle will be replaced by a cut through "X". In label materials, the hole can be made smaller than 0.25″.
Please Contact us for More Information on Creative Shapes.

Choose Your Material

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This can be shipped in as little as 24 hours. Please Contact Us for more information.

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